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24 Jun 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper LDC Exam. 23.06.2016 Advt.03/2016 Cat.3

HSSC Answer Key (Unofficial) and Solved Question Paper LDC Exam. held on 23.06.2016 (Morning) Advertisement 03/2016 Cat. No. 03


Q.1 The agency estimating the national income of India is?
Ans. Central Statistical Organisation.

Q.2 The annual yield from which of the following union government tax is the highest?
Ans. Excise Duties

Q.3 In Haryana which place is known as Chhoti Kashi due to the presence of Navgrah Kund?
Ans. Kaithal

Q.4 First Indian Commander in chief was ?
Ans. Gen. Cariappa

Q.5 Niti Ayog is new avtar of ?
Ans. Planing commission 

Q.6 Ch. Chhotu Ram start editing which weekly magazine in Rohtak ?
Ans. Jat Gazette 

Q.7 Which one of the following articles declared un-touchability  in any form?
Ans. Article 17

Q.8 The reference to Hindus in article 25 of the constitution does not include ?
Ans. Parsees 

Q.9 Out of 51 shaktipeeths Bhdrakali shaktipeeth is located at which place?
Ans. Kurukshetra 

Q.10 12th south Asian games 2016 were held in ?
Ans. Guwahati 

Q.11 At which of the following places watches will show 5.30 am, when it is 12.00 midnight at GMT?
Ans. New Delhi

Q.12 Metro first reach in which city of Haryana?
Ans. Gurgaon

Q.13 In the below given group one is different from others, choose the one odd out?
Ans. efG

Q.14 ZA:YB::SC:?

Q.15 Kurukshetra's Sthaneshwar temple was rebuilt by whom?
Ans. Maharaj Sadashiv Rao

Q.16 Table:Dine::Chair:?
Ans. sit

Q.17 In the below given sequence how many five's are there immediately followed by three and preceded by 7
Ans. Nil

Q.18 At which place of Haryana production of iron pipes is formost?
And. Hisar

Q.19 D is A's son and E's brother, C is A's mother, how D is related to C?
Ans. Options are wrong 

Q.20 If table is called chair, chair is called cupboard, cupboard is called chalk, chalk is called book, book is called duster and duster is called table.What dose the teacher use to write on the black board?
Ans. Book

Q.21 Who was the president of 1st Assembly of Haryana ?
Ans. Shanno Devi

Q.22 If x+y=5, xy=6, x2+y2=?
And. 13

Q.23 sqrt.11881Xsqrt?=10137
Ans. 8649

Q.24 Which city is famous as the city of weavers ?
Ans. Panipat

Q.25 A car travels 75 kms t the speed of 25 kmph, if it covers next 25 kms at 5 kmph and the last 50 kms at 25 kmph speed, what is the average speed of the car?
Ans. 15 kmph 

Q.26 What will be the compound interest for Rs. 8560 at 4 p.c.p.a. for 2 years ?
Ans. 698

Q.27 Sihi village is considered as the birth place of which poet saint?
Ans. Saint Surdas 

Q.28 Lahari bought a watch with 25% discount on the selling price, if the watch cost her Rs.1545, what is the original selling price of the watch?
Ans. 2060

Q.29 At which place dd Lord Krishna preach the message of Geeta to Arjuna?
Ans. Jyotisar (Kurukshetra)

Q.30 If 14 men complete a work in 12 days by working 6 hours a day, how many days 12 men take to complete the same work by working 7 hours a day?
Ans. 12 days

Q.31 Folk song are sung in Haryana on which occasion?
Ans. All of the above 

Q.32 If PQ=10cm, QR=24cm, PR=26cm in the triangle PQR then angle Q is ?
Ans. 90 degree 

Q.33 Which of the following female mountaineer has conquered mount Everest twice?
Ans. Santosh Yadav

Q.34 In the graph paper if you plot point P with co-ordinates (-6,5). In which quadrant point P lies?
Ans. Second 

Q.35  Satkhumba shrine is located at which district?
Ans. Sonipat

Q.36 Chemical formula of water is?
Ans. H2o

Q.37 Kothli gift is given on which occasion?
Ans. Teej 

Q.38 Vitamin B1 deficiency causes ?
Ans. Beri-Beri

Q.39 Famous Yadvendra Garden is located at which place?
Ans. Pinjore 

Q.40 What is the device that steps up or steps down the voltage?
Ans. Transformer 

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