28 Mar 2016

HSSC Answer Key PGT Hindi Screening Test 27.03.2016

Q. 1 The maturity period of Sovereign Gold Bonds is-
Ans. 8 Years.

Q. 2 Who wrote Akbarnama?
Ans. Abul Fazal.

Q. 3 What are the methods of measurement of national income?
Ans. Value Added Method, Income method and Expenditure Method. 

Q. 4 Who spoke in Hindi for the first time in the UNO General Assembly?
Ans. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Q. 5 Despotism is possible in a—
Ans. One party state.

Q. 6 Select the related letters- 
X g m E : FnhY :: BacK : ?
(a) L d b C   (b) J b d A
(c)  l d b c    (d) j b d a 
Ans. A

Q. 7 Arrange the  following words according to the dictionary:
1. Painter 2. Pardon 3. Packing 4. Paddle 5. Pageant
(a) 3 2 5 4 1 (b) 5 4 1 3 2 
(c) 5 1 3 2 4 (d) 3 4 5 1 2 
Ans. D

Q. 8 Select the one which is different from the other three responses.
(a) 81      (b) 8
(c) 16      (d) 625
Ans. B

Q. 9 If the day before yesterday was Friday, what day will two days after the day after tomorrow be?
(a) Saturday  (b) Thursday 
(c) Friday       (d) Sunday 
Ans. b

Q. 10 Rearrange the jumbled letters in meaningful words to identify the word which is not a color-
Ans. D 

Q. 11 Find the HCF of 2261,  2527 and 1653 
(a) 19 (b) 29
(c) 1   (d) None of these 
Ans- A

Q.12 Ram is twice as old as Shyam. If 10 years ago Ram was 4 times as old as Shyam, what is the present age of Shyam?
(a) 12    (b) 15
(c) 30    (d) None of these 
Ans. b

Q.13 Find the sum of 40th terms of the series 3, 7, 11, 15, ....
(a) 3442   (b) 3443
(c) 3242   (d) 3240

Q. 14 The sum of age of a son and father is 56 year. After 4 year, the age of father will be 3 times than of the son. Find the age of son.
(a) 18 year  (b) 16 year
(c) 14 year  (d) 12 year 

Q. 15 Raj travels for 14 hours 40 minutes. He covers half of the journey by train at the rate of 60 KMPH and the rest by road at the rate 50 KMPH. The distance traveled by him is-
(a) 720 km (b) 800 km
(c) 960 km (d) 1000 km.
Ans. b

Q. 16 The concentration of which decreases in anemia ?
Ans. Hemoglobin. 

Q. 17 Cockroaches, prawns and crabs possess ……eyes?
Ans . Compound eyes.

Q. 18 Who discovered cement?
Ans. Joseph Aspdin

Q. 19 The residual substance of petroleum refining process is ?
Ans. Paraffin wax 

Q. 20 Fire can be extinguished more quickly by ….?
Ans. Water at boiling point.

Q. 21 The bloodbath that………. the assassination is now part of history.
Ans. disspated 

Q. 22 Choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the underlined world.
The difference, if it exists, is extremely tenuous. 
Ans. Slight

Q. 23 Select the substitution that best expresses opposite meaning of the underlined word.
It is well known that he likes to espouse doubtful causes. 
Ans. Oppose

Q. 24 Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.
Read between the lines
(a) To hit at the real meaning  (b) to betray 
(c) to overshadow      (d) busy person
Ans. A

Q. 25 Find the correctly Spelt word.
(a) sugestion     (b) suggestion 
(c) suggesstion  (d) suggession
Ans. B

Q. 31 Which one of the following is the commissioneries of the Haryana State? 
(a) Ambala (b) Rohtak (c) Hisar (d) All of these
Ans. All of these.

Q. 32 Kalka sub-division is falls under which district of Haryana?
Ans. Panchkula 

Q. 33 Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki is ……….Governor of Haryana.
Ans. 16th .

Q. 34 Shri Om Prakash Chautala served as Chief Minister of Haryana.
Ans. More than three Times.

Q. 35 When first President rule was imposed on the Haryana State, who was the President of India?
Ans. Dr.Zakir Hussain 

Q. 36 The freedom fighter of Haryana Pt. Neki Ram Sharma was born on 
Ans. 4th September, 1887. 

Q. 37 Who published a weekly magazine known as ‘Sandesh’ from Bhiwani, Haryana?
Ans. Pt. Neki Ram Sharma

Q. 38 Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj was born in ?
Ans. Ambala Cantt.

Q.39 Who grab the first ever Olympic medal in boxing for India?
Ans. Vijendra Singh.

Q. 40 Choose the incorrect pair.
(a) Kabuli Bagh-Panipat
(b) Navgrah Kunds-Kaithal
(c) Jal-Mahal-Narnaul
(d) Jyotii Sarovar_ Ambala
Ans. D

Q. 41 Chaudhari Charan Singh Agriculture University was established in the year?
Ans. 1970

Q. 42 Kala Amb (black mango tree) place near………is being developed as a ‘War Hero Memorial’ by the Government of Haryana.
Ans. Panipat

Q. 43 Who excavated the Harappan Civilization Site Banawali from Fatehabad, Haryana ?
Ans. R.S. Bisht

Q. 44 Rigvedic name of the river Chautang is ?
Ans. #

Q. 45 Which of the following revolts was held during Aurangazeb regime in 1669 against Religious policy?
Ans. Satnami

Q. 46 The High Court of Punjab and Haryana earlier known as Lahore High Court was established un the year?
Ans. 1919

Q. 47 Six Zonal Councils have been established to discuss and advise on matters of common intrest. The state of Haryana falls under zone ?
Ans. Northern

Q. 48 The Headquarters of Western Command of Indian Army is located in ?
Ans. Chandimandir 

Q. 49 All of the following are Folk Dances of the Haryana State, except-
(a) Dhamal (b) Dhaman (c) Gugga (D) Loor 
Ans. Dhaman

Q. 50 In which district, Union Road Transport Minister laid foundation stone of three road projects involving a total investment of Rs.3412 crores on 20th July, 2015.
Ans. Ambala

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