3 Dec 2015

Physical Education Questions for HSSC Exam. practice

Q. What is the aim of physical education?
Ans. All round development of human being.
Q. What are the objectives of physical education ?
Ans. 1. Physical development 2. Mental development.
Q. What is the real wealth of our life ?
Ans. Good health.
Q. What is the main thing to become useful citizen and to lead happy life?
Ans. Health.
Q. Which organisation is looking after the health at international level?
Ans. WHO (World Health Organisation).
Q. When was Indian Red Cross Society established ?
Ans. 1920.
Q. When was the Indian Tuberculosis organisation established ?
Ans. 1939.
Q. When was All India Blind Relief Society established ?
Ans. 1946.
Q. When the first health centre was established in India ?
Ans. 1952
Q. Who was the founder of principle of Germs ?
Ans. Louis Pasture.
Q. What is the weight of human heart?
Ans. 300 gram.
Q. How many muscles are in the human body?
Ans. 650.
Q. How many types of Yogasan are? Write there names.
Ans. 3 types. (i). Meditative (ii) Corrective (iii) Re-laxative 
Q. How many stages of Prayanam?
Ans. 3. (i) Purka (ii) rechaka (iii) Kumbhaka 

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