26 Sept 2015

Computer and IT

Q.No.1 What digits are used in binary number system?
(a) 0 - 9     (b) 0 - 7   (c) A - Z   (d) 0 and 1
Q.No.2 A malicious software is generally called?
(a) Insect     (b) Mosquito   (c) Virus  (d) Worm
Q.No.3 Which of the following facility requires a web camera?
(a) Chatting     (b) Voice Chat  (c) Video Conferencing  (d) Newsgroup 
Q.No.4 The height of a sine wave is called?
(a) Frequency     (b) Wave Length  (c) Amplitude  (d) None of these
Q.No.5 Which of the following function is checked in file End-of -File of an input file?
(a) EOF    (b) ENDOFFILE  (c) End-Of-File  (d) None of these
Q.No.6 What is the technical term given to data duplication in a database?
(a) Data integrity (b) Data Inconsistency (c) Data Redundancy (d) Data Repeating 
Q.No.7 Which of the following button is pressed to go too previous slide during slide show?
(a) P   (b) Left Arrow  (c) Up Arrow  (d) All of these 
Q.No. 8 Who defined the binary system?
(a) A.N.D. Leibniz   (b) Pascal   (c) Newton    (d) Tim Burners Lee
Q.No.9 What is the addition of 101010 with 111111?
(a) 1101001    (b) 1001001   (c) 1111001   (d) 1100001
Q.No.10. The first Indian analog computer was assembled by Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) of Calcutta in
(a) 1953    (b) 1946    (c) 1950    (d) 1963
Q.No.11 Computers use the seven digit code called ASCII. What does ASCII stand for?
(a) American Standard Code for Information Interchange    
(b) Association of Software Coding the Information Institute   
(c) American Standard Computing and Information Institute 
(d) None of these 
Q.No.12 Debug is a term denoting
(a) Error Correction Process      (b) Writing of instructions in developing a new program
(c) Fault detection in equipment (d) Determining useful life
Q.No.13 What is APPLE?
(a)Computer Language (b)Computer of Fourth Generation (c)Computer Network (d)None of these 
Q.No.14 World's fastest computer is-
(a) T-3A    (b) Yenha-3   (c) Param-10000  (d) J-8
Q.No.15 Yahoo, Google and MSN are-
(a) Internet sites     (b) Computer Brands  (c) Sales Company   (d) None of these
Q.No.16 Smallest unit of computer data is-
(a) Bite    (b) Bit  (c) Record   (d) File
Q.No.17 Computer IC Chips are made of-
(a) Cromium    (b) Silicon    (c) Led   (d) Coper 
Q.No.18 Inbuilt permanent memory of computer is called?
(a) RAM   (b) ROM  (c) CPU  (d) None of these 
Q.No.19 CD ROM is a- 
(a) Semi Conductor Memory  (b) Magnetic Memory  (c) Memory Register  (d) None of these
Q.No.20 What is ERNET?
(a) Mobile Network  (b) Television Network  (c) Computer Network   (d) None of these
Q.No.21 Who discover computer language JAVA?
(a) IBM    (b) Microsoft   (c) Sun Microsystem   (d) Infosystem
Q.No.22 Write the full form of bit.
Q.No.23 What is the full form of HTML?
Q.No.24 What is a collection of data items about  thing called?
Q.No.25 How many types of files are used in BASIC?

1-d, 2-c, 3-c, 4-c, 5-a, 6-c, 7-d, 8-a, 9-a, 10-c, 11-a, 12-, 13-b, 14-, 15-a, 16-b, 17-b, 18-b, 19-b,
20-c, 21-c, 22-Binary Digit, 23-Hyper Text Markup Language, 24-File, 25-2 Program file and data file. 

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