12 Oct 2021

National Aptitude Test (NAT)- 2021

Online Applications for National Aptitude Test-2021 

NTA invites online applications for National Aptitude Test- 2021 through website- https://nat.nta.ac.in

The National Testing Agency (NTA) announces conduct of NAT-2021 as per the following details:

Duration of Online registration and submission of online Application Form for NAT-2021 

11 October 2021 - 18 October 2021 

Date of Examination for NAT-2021 


Level – 1 (13-15 Years) 

Level – 2 (16-18 Years)
23 October 2021 (Saturday) 

Level – 3 (19-21 Years) 

Level – 4 (22-25 Years)
24 October 2021 (Sunday) 

Duration of Examination 

120 minutes (2.00 hours) 

Timing of Examination 

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

04:00 PM to 06:00 PM 

Mode of Examination 

Internet Based Test (through mobile phones, laptops etc.) 



* Candidate can choose the Timing of Exam according to their availability.

Application Fee

There is no application fee. It is free of Cost 

How to Apply:

Candidates can apply for NAT-2021 through “Online” mode only. The Application Form in any other mode will not be accepted.

For any query mail to nat@nta.ac.in or call at 011-40759000 Candidates, who desire to appear in NAT-2021 may see the Student Manual available on NTA websites: https://nat.nta.ac.in .

Why does NTA want to develop Aptitude Test? 

Why do we assess students? What is the purpose of overall assessment or any specific assessment?- These are the first Questions that drive the entire assessment system. A clear understanding of purpose of assessment is important because without defining the purpose it is impossible to determine how effective an assessment is. Whether the assessment is serving the intended purpose or not cannot be established till the purpose is not defined. Beginning with purpose is essential to ensure appropriate usage, because research cautions that tests should only be used for the purposes for which they were designed. The Aptitude test is one of the most difficult Test. Aptitude is hidden. The test is to diagnose and predict. Any test that is not standardized or pilot study not done cannot be used for large administration and predictive purposes. The concerns emerged during various studies revealed that- 
(a) 65% of the jobs our students will be doing in the future do not even exist today. 
(b) Employers seek abilities like critical thinking, problem solving, innovations and creativity in their human capital but these abilities were deficient in about 70% school pass outs. 
(c) Considering skills gap is much evident, including in digital jobs that require graduates with relevant mathematical, science and engineering Backgrounds. 

NTA firmly believes that the right candidates joining best institutions will give India her demographic dividend. It envisages that besides acquired knowledge and skills, it should include skills for future that would be expected in them, say after 5 years. These are Technical Skills, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Analytical Thinking, Growth Mind-set, Decision Making, Inter-personnel Communication, Adaptability have been identified as skills for future.
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