7 Sept 2021

IIHS (University College), Kurukshetra Admission-2021 Merit List

IIHS (University College), Kurukshetra Admission-2021 Merit List

As per Admission Schedule of the institute the first merit list will be displayed on 07.09.2021 on the official website of the Institute of Integrated and Honors Studies, Kurukshetra i.e. https://www.iihskuk.in/pages/admissions.html

IIHS 1st Merit List for Admission 2021

1 B.Sc Medical(Chemistry,Botany,Zoology) Click Here

2 B.Sc Medical(Bio-Chem,Botany,Zoology) Click Here

3 B.Sc Medical(Bio-Tech,Botany,Zoology) Click Here

4 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Chem,Maths) Click Here

5 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Computer,Maths) Click Here

6 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Stat,Maths) Click Here

7 B.Sc Non Medical(Computer,Stat,Maths) Click Here

8 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Electronics,Maths) Click Here

9 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,EEM,Maths) Click Here

10 B.Sc Non Medical(Computer,Geography,Maths) Click Here

11 B.Sc Non Medical(Physics,Geography,Maths) Click Here

12 B.Sc Non Medical(Geology,Geography,Maths) Click Here

13 B.Sc Home Science Click Here

14 BA General Click Here

15 BA Vocational Click Here

16 B.Com Click Here

17 BCA Click Here

18 BTM Click Here

19 B.A. Hons (English) Click Here

20 B.A. Hons (Economics) Click Here

21 B.A. Hons (Sanskrit) Click Here

22 B.A. Hons (Philosophy) Click Here

23 B.A. Hons (Music) Click Here

24 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Economics Honors) Click Here

25 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Bio-Technology) Click Here

26 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Engineering Physics) Click Here

2nd Merit List dated 14.09.2021

1 B.Sc Medical(Chemistry,Botany,Zoology) List2

2 B.Sc Medical(Bio-Chem,Botany,Zoology) List2

3 B.Sc Medical(Bio-Tech,Botany,Zoology) List2

4 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Chem,Maths) List2

5 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Computer,Maths) List2

6 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Stat,Maths) List2

7 B.Sc Non Medical(Computer,Stat,Maths) List2

8 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,Electronics,Maths) List2

9 B.Sc Non Medical(Phy,EEM,Maths) List2

10 B.Sc Non Medical(Computer,Geography,Maths) List2

11 B.Sc Non Medical(Physics,Geography,Maths) List2

12 B.Sc Non Medical(Geology,Geography,Maths) List2

13 B.Sc Home Science List2

14 BA General List2

15 BA Vocational List2

16 B.Com List2

17 BCA List2

18 BTM List2

19 B.A. Hons (English) List2

20 B.A. Hons (Economics) List2

21 B.A. Hons (Sanskrit) List2

22 B.A. Hons (Philosophy) List2

23 B.A. Hons (Music) List2

24 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Economics Honors) List2

25 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Bio-Technology) List2

26 M.Sc. 5yr Integared (Engineering Physics) List2

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