27 Sept 2020

NEET (UG) 2020 Final Answer Key


Updated on 16.10.2020
To download final Answer Key issued on 16.10.2020- Click here

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The NEET (UG) -2020 has been conducted throughout the country on 13 September 2020. National Testing Agency is now providing the facility to challenge the Answer Key uploaded on website.

The procedure (as enclosed) for challenge of Answer Key may be used. This facility is available from 27.09.2020 (2.00 PM) to 29.09.2020(2.00 PM). The Candidates are required to pay online a sum of Rs. 1000/-(one thousand only) as processing fee for each question challenged. 

The payment of the processing fee may be made through Debit/Credit Card/ Net Banking up to 04.00 PM of 29.09.2020. The processing fee will be refunded if the challenge is found correct. No challenge will be entertained without receipt of processing fee.

Challenges received by post/ email will not be entertained. Therefore, kindly do not post/email your responses or clarification regarding the Answer Keys and please follow the above mentioned process only for raising the key challenges.

Procedure for Challenge of Answer Key

2.Login with your Application Number and Passwordand Submit.
3.Click ‘Apply for KEY Challenge’.
4.Select the Test Booklet Code 
5.You will see 180 Questions (Physics/Chemistry/Biology (Botany & Zoology).They are in sequential order.
6.Select Question(s) to be challenged.
7.The number next to the question under the column ‘Answer as per NTAstands for the correct Answer Key to be used by NTA.
8.Once you select any question for Challenge, you will see four options under the column‘Suggested Answer(s) by the Candidate’.
9.If you wish to challenge, you may use anyone or more of the Option IDs given in the next four columns by clicking the check box. ✓
10.After clicking your desired option for all Questions you want to challenge, scroll down, ‘Submit’and move to next screen.
11.You will find a screen displaying your challenges.
12.Click on ‘Final Submit’.
13.Kindly pay the processing fee.
14.In the next screen, click on ‘Go for Payment”.
15.Select Mode of Payment and Pay your processing fee @ Rs.1,000/-for each question challenged. Make payment through Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking.
16.After successful payment download/print the key challenge receipt.
17.In case your challenge is found correct, your processing fee will be refunded in the same account.

Original Post 26.09.2020
The NEET (UG) - 2020 has been conducted throughout the country on 13 September 2020. National Testing Agency is now uploading the Advance Answer Keys for candidates for all the sets (E1- E6, F1- F6, G1-G6, H1-H6) for their information. 
The candidates are advised to go through the same and keep themselves ready for challenges of the Draft Answer Keys which will be published shortly. 
Please note that this Public Notice is not for inviting challenge of the keys which will be done later on, and for that proper notice will be issued. Therefore, kindly do not email your responses or clarification regarding the Keys and please wait for the process of raising challenges for the same. 
The candidates are advised to keep visiting ntaneet.nic.in and www.nta.ac.in for latest updates.

To download Advance Answer Key- Click here

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