26 Sept 2020

Computer Science Quiz 09

_______________ is the central component of a computer operating system.

__________ is a pointing device composed of a lever that moves in multiple directions to navigate a cursor or other graphical object on a computer screen.

. ____________ is also input device which are used to control the movement of object on the screen.

__________ is a technique used by spammers in which spammers generate email addresses by using known email addresses from corporates or ISP.

_______________ performs the task of allocation and deallocation of memory space to program.

Who invented looping in computer programming?

_____________________ device detects alpha numeric characters printed or written in a paper.

____________ filter scans the context of the e-mail when it looks for words or character strings that will identify the e-mail as spam.

In how many ways e-mail hacking can be done?

CPU chips are composed of __________ functional section.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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