28 Aug 2020

Haryana GK Quiz No. 14

Faizal Ali Aayog was formed in the year ________________________.

Which festival of Haryana is celebrated on the third day of shravan month?

_______________ is a deep red coloured Odhana won by the women of Haryana.

________________________ is a type of cap which is worn in Haryana by men folk.

Who among the following established forts at Taraori and Hansi in the 12th century?

Who established the city of Fatehabad of Haryana and named it after his son?

Where was the first Women Police Station in Haryana opened?

Special Livestock Insurance Scheme (SCSP) aims at providing benefits to _____.

Haryana Government has launched a mobile app named as ______ with an aim to help the students of the state.

Loor dance is mostly performed close to ______ festival.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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