23 Aug 2020

Haryana GK Quiz No. 10

The Indian Institute of Management(IIM) is located at _________________ in Haryana.

A research institute CIRB is located in Hisar in Haryana. What is the full form of CIRB?

The dance form of Haryana which is symbolic of the ornament worn by the young married women on their forehead is called as __________________.

The great war, which took place among the ten kings in the Kurukshetra region in the Saraswati valley was before the _________________.

The capital of Haryana is located in the state of ___________________.

Across India, Haryana is ranked as the 20th state in terms of its ________________.

A total of four different __________________ can be found in the state of Haryana.

The highest mountain peak in Haryana, located in Panchkula and is part of the Shivalik Hill Range of Greater Himalayas is ____________.

Damdama is the name of the ____________________ in Haryana.

The district of Nuh in Haryana, comes under the administrative division of ___________.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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