29 Aug 2020

General Knowledge Quiz 12

In which Indian State was India's longest 300-metre single lane steel cable suspension bridge - Byorung Bridge - inaugurated in January 2019?

Who was the British Prime minister when India became a free nation?

National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD) functions under the ___________, Government of India.

Mohiniattam is a classical dance form of ___________.

The number of judges in the High Court is decided by___________.

Which of the following is NOT a source of revenue to the Village Panchayat?

The _________ occupies a pivotal position in Gram Panchayat system.

Which property of liquid causes the separation of oil and water?

What is the approximate pH value of distilled water?

Reproduction in amoeba is by _______________.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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