13 Jul 2020

Reasoning Quiz No. 03

Pick the ODD one out: Shoe : Leather; Jewelry : Gold; Iron : Axe

Pick the ODD one out: Sweater, Gloves, Shorts

Pick the ODD one out: Bhubaneshwar, Gangtok, Singhbhum

Find the missing term: AG : IO : : EK : ?

Find out the missing term: ? : I K M O : : Q S U W : Y A C E

Look at this series: 21, 9, 21, 11, 21, 13, 21, ____. What number should come next?

Q's mother is the sister of P and daughter of M. S is the daughter of P and sister of T. How is M related to T?

In a different coding system if "Lik Bis Zap" means "Never seek violence"; "Bis Tim Nak" means "Always seek knowledge"; and "Tim Kemp Lam" means "Knowledge is truth", which code stands for seek?

If FRIEND is coded as HUMJTK, how is CANDLE written in that code?

In a different coding system, if COOL is coded as DQRP, what will be the code for HOT?

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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