29 Jul 2020

Mathematics Quiz No. 01

Ram spends 45% of his salary and saves INR 4400 per month. Find his monthly salary.

A 6-sided dice is rolled once. Find the probability that the number obtained is greater than 4.

A man bought 10 articles for INR 80. He sold all the articles for INR 85. Find the gain percent.

Two numbers are in the ratio 6:9. If the larger number is 324, what is the smaller number?

If X is 22% of 45, find X.

A single die is rolled. Find the probability that the number obtained is lesser than 6.

Dileep bought 5 dozen tomatoes for Rs. 300. On his way back home, 6 tomatoes fell down. He found that 4 tomatoes were rotten. He sold the remaining tomatoes for a loss of Rs. 50. At what price did he sell each tomato?

Divide 492 into two parts in the ratio 4:8. Find the share of each part.

Find the sum of 0.75, 10.425, 2.

In a textile shop, 40% of the workers are men. If the number of men working in the textile shop is 100, find the total number of employees in the shop.

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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