7 Jul 2020

Haryana GK Quiz No. 01

Where was the first Post Office Passport Seva Kendra opened in Haryana?

Which city was the capital of Harsha Vardhana?

Who played the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat in the movie Dangal?

Bhat-Bharti, Satyagrahi Prahlad, Meera, Matwali and Satsai were poetic works of ________ ?"

River Yamuna is the second largest tributary of _______ .

Who among these cricketers claimed 400 wickets and 5000 runs?

The National Dairy Research Institute is situated in _________.

In which district is Banawali situated, where evidence of the Indus Valley Civilization was found?

Who is the current Governor of Haryana?

Who is the leader of the Indian National Lok Dal?

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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