26 Jul 2020

Computer Quiz No. 05

How will you view a PowerPoint 2010 presentation in slide show view?

_______ is considered as a “Scareware” as it forces users to pay a fee by scaring or intimidating them.

The act to obtain confidential information from a user by falsifying their identity is called ________."

In C++, ______ is the syntax used to access data members of an object.

In Java, _____ is the range of "byte" data type.

Which is NOT a computer peripheral?

Which is the temporary memory that provides high­speed data access to a processor?

Which one can generate images to a computer monitor?

Which of the following is a strong password?

Which of the following user interface allows you to create files and folders in Windows 7 operating systems?

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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