21 Jul 2020

Computer Quiz No. 03

What file system does Windows NT or Windows Server operating systems use?

What do you mean by starvation in operating system?

IBM has its headquarters in which city in India?

Choose the correct procedure to add the CONFIDENTIAL watermark to your Word 2010 document.

While saving a Word2010 document, what is the default file extension?

You need to share the electronic copy of a legal agreement with your business partner. Before sharing the document with the partner, you need to remove all personal information such as author's name and cropped out image data. How can you achieve the requirement in MS Word 2010?

You want to highlight numbers between 11 and 30 in a range of cells in yellow color. Which of the following commands in MS Excel 2010 helps you to visually highlight important values in your worksheets?

How will you paint the inside of a row in an MS Excel worksheet with a specified color?

You want to change the font face/theme of the text in an Excel 2010 worksheet cell. Which of the following command would you use?

Which of the following views help you to view your presentation with speaker notes on your laptop while your audience views the presentation without the notes on a projector?

You got out of 10 correct.

The correct answers are

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