22 Sept 2019

Answer Key HSSC Clerk Exam 22.09.2019 (Morning) All Codes

Answer Key/Solved Question Paper HSSC Clerk Exam 22.09.2019 (Morning)

Q.36 The sum of all numbers between 100 and 1000 which is divisible by 13 is?
Ans. 37674
Q.37 The Gram Nyayalaya established under gram nyayalaya act in?
Ans. 2008
Q.38 The district Rewari is is situated in the southern part of Haryana how many kilometres away from the national capital?
Ans. 80km
Q.39 Which leader of constituent assembly considered the constitutional remedies right as the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution?
Ans. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
Q.40 A is 3 years older to b and 3 years younger to see while B and D are trying how many years C is older to D?
Ans. 6
Q.41 Complete the analogy
Ans. Submarine
Q.42 Which of the following is the project name for the India's first manned mission to space by December 2021?
Ans. Gaganyan Project
Q.43 Gandhi Peace Prize 2018 was awarded to?
Ans. Japan's Yohei Sasakawa for his contribution in Leprosy eradication 
Q.44 A typical voice signal has a bandwidth of?
Ans. 3KHz
Q.45 The Haryana municipal corporation is located in?
Ans. Ambala
Q.46 The Pratapgarh farms are located in?
Ans. Jhajjar
Q.47 The Planes 2 x-y + 4 Z = 5...
Q.48 Complete the series:
 2, 4, 16, 128, ?
Ans. 2048
Q.49 If day after tomorrow is Saturday what day was three days before yesterday?
Ans. Sunday
Q.50 The elastic potential energy stored in a spring of force constant K is?
Ans. Option A
Q.51 Which was the first state of India used electronic voting machine EVM for voting Panchayat elections?
Ans. Haryana
Q.52 If < means - > means +. = means x and $ means +, then what would be the value of 27>81$9<6?
Ans. 30
Q.53 Complete the analogy
Ans. Editor
Q.54 Phelgu tank is the tourist place located in?
Ans. Kaithal
Q.55 Subhash Chandra Bose Park is located at?
Ans. Ambala
Q.56 The angle between the Planes....?
Q.57 Aero India 2019 the 12th edition of international Aerospace and defence exhibition held in which of the following city?
Ans. Bengluru 
Q.58 In which switching technique dedicated and complete physical connection is established between two nodes?
Ans. Circuit Switching
Q.59 Dieckman condensation reaction is governed by...... mechanism?
Q.60 Complete the series
Ans. 511
Q.61 In which year Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited was established?
Ans. 1974
Q.62 The lowest unit of Panchayati Raj in Haryana is?
Ans. Gram Panchayat
Q.63 NASA recently plant to launch unmanned nuclear powered Drone dragonfly what is the aim of the project?
Ans. Aims to search for signs of microbial life on Saturn's moon, Titan
Q.64  Series port transfers data serially... bit at a time.
Ans. 1
Q.65 The velocity of a a particle moving along the axis varies according to the expression........?
Ans. Option D
Q.66 The value of....
Q.67 Pandit Nekiram Sharma concentrated is Nationalist activity in which region of Haryana?
Ans. Rohtak 
Q.68 Yog Samrat Baba Ramdev was born in which district?
Ans. Mahendragarh
Q.69 If the following five words are arranged in alphabetical order which word will come in the middle?
Ans. Play
Q.70. Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in which of the following field ?
Ans. News Paper, magazine and online journalism, literature and musical composition in the USA
Q.71 If + means x, x means+, + means-, -means x, then 50-10x20+5+2 is?
Ans. None of these 
Q.72 Find the missing number
Ans. 15
Q.73 The town which was founded by Firoz Shah Tughlaq is?
Ans. Hisar
Q.74 What was the reason for defeat of Haryana Warriors during 1857 Uprising?
Ans. All the above
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