11 Nov 2018

Haryana Group-D Answer Key (Evening) Part-ii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D

HSSC Group-D Answer Key (Evening) Part-ii 10.11.2018 Code A B C D.

Q. Consider the following statements with reference to constitution amendment 
Ans. Both
Q. The famous patriotic song "sare jahan se achchha"
Ans. Mohmmad Iqbal 
Q. If -3 is a zero of polynomial 
Ans. 3 
Q. The solutions of system of equation 
Ans. No solution 
Q. When object is placed at centre of curvature of a concave mirror, the image size is 
Ans. Same size as that of object
Q. Haryana Assembly house is at
Ans. Chandigarh 
Q. The zoo had some lions and some parrots. The keeper counted 15 heads  and 50 legs, then the number of lion is 
Ans. 8
Q. All circles are
Ans. Similar
Q. If x2-x-42 is divided by x+6, the remainder will be
Ans. 0
Q. Recrystallisation of sodium carbonate gives 
Ans. Washing soda 
Q. The combinations of certain Janapada were called  
Ans. Mandal 
Q. Read the following descriptions about types of biomes 
Ans.All the above
Q. Mahabharata has ..... Chapters
Ans. 18
Q. Find the missing term- MN, JO, GT, ?, AZ, XC
Ans. DW
Q. The equation 3x-y=5 is same as 9x-3y+c=0 if c is 
Ans. -15
Q. The eldest son of Pandavas is 
Ans. Yushishthra
Q. If 1st October is Monday, then 11th October lies on 
Ans. Thursday
Q. The age of father is 5 times that of his son 3 years age, the age of father was 8 times that of his son. Find the present age of the father 
Ans. 48 years
Q. Haryana has ....main geographical divisions
Ans. 4
Q. Four cubes each of side 5 cm are joined end to end. The surface area of the resulting solid is 
Ans. 450 cm2
Q. Which of the following form an AP?
Ans. UR2, UR8, UR18, UR32
Q. If + means -, - means x, x means......
Ans. 30
Q. Indori river rises near 
Ans. All options are wrong. It rises from Sikar district of Rajasthan and enters in Haryana from Rewari district
Q. One of the South Asias oldest road in Haryana is 
Ans. Grand Trunk Road
Q. If the area of a semi circular field is 30800 sq.m.then the perimeter of the field is.....
Ans. 720 m
Q. Solution of the equation  x2+UR2x-4=0
Ans. UR2, UR2
Q. Which of the following statement is incorrect about fundamental rights 
Ans. New technologies may endanger these rights 
Q. Read the following sentences about LEDs  and choose a correct option 
Ans. The consume less electricity because they produce very less heat
Q. Mahila police Volunteers system is introduced in two districts one in 
Ans. Karnal 
Q. SUN can be coded as 54 then MOON can be coded as 
Ans. 51
Q. The financial budget for 2017-18 was tabled by Haryana finance minister
Ans. Captain Abhimanyu 
Q. Executive Department is led by
Ans. Chief Minister 
Q. Normal range of breathing rate per minute 
Ans. 15-18
Q. Following is the function of stomata
Ans. Exchange of gasses 
Q. In India first state to introduce Mid day meals in schools is 
Ans.  Tamilnadu
Note- This is unofficial key, for confirmed answers consult official answer key.
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