21 Sept 2018

Railway ALP & Technicians Recruitment Selection of RRB, Railway/ Unit, Posts & Trade

CEN-01/2018 - Notice for Revision of Vacancies, Selection of RRB, Option for Railway/ Unit & Posts, Selection of Exam Trade and Confirmation/ Modification of Bank Account Details for Refund (ALP & Technicians)

Revision of Vacancies

RRBs had notified 26,502 vacancies for the posts of Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) and Technicians. In terms of Para 7 under the heading “Important Instructions” of CEN 01/2018 these vacancies were provisional. Further, attention is also drawn to the Notice dated 01.08.2018 published on the official websites of RRBs stating that the vacancies are likely to be increased to about 60,000. Accordingly, the Vacancies have now been enhanced and the revised vacancies are as under: 

1. Assistant Loco Pilot- 27795 
2. Various posts of Technicians- 36576 
Total- 64371 

CEN-01/2018 (ALP & Technicians) Selection of RRB, Option for Railway/Unit & Posts-

Candidates have applied for the posts of ALP & Technicians against CEN 01/2018 in general and not to any specific RRB. The 1st stage CBT was conducted between 09-08-2018 to 04-09-2018. Vide para 7.0 under the heading “Important Instructions of the CEN, it was indicated that the option for RRB, Railway and Posts shall be taken from among the candidates securing community wise minimum qualifying marks in 1st stage CBT. 

Considering that Objection Tracker and finalization of keys based on inputs received are in progress, in order to save time, it has now been decided by RRBs that all the candidates who appeared in 1st stage CBT will be permitted to select the RRB and fill the option for the Railway/Unit and posts notified against the RRB.

Accordingly all the candidates who have appeared in 1st stage CBT may login through the link provided on the websites of RRBs and complete the RRB selection and option of the Railway/Unit and posts.
Starting Date : 22-09-2018 Time :- 11:00 hrs 
Closing Date : 01-10-2018 Time :- 23:59 hrs
For options view Annexure B- Click here

The selection of RRBs and priority of options for the posts and Railway/Unit once finally submitted cannot be modified. Hence, candidates may decide firmly and correctly the RRB of their choice and then only proceed to fill the priority for the Railway/Unit and posts. 

It is advisable that the candidates indicate their priority of options for as many posts as they are eligible for. In case, any candidate opts for only few posts, he/she will be considered only for those opted posts and not for other posts.

All the candidates who have appeared in the 1st stage CBT have to select the RRB and priority of options for Railway/Production unit & posts failing which their candidature will not be considered for shortlisting for 2nd stage CBT.

Selection of Exam Trade-

At the time of application, candidates having more than one eligible qualification viz ITI/NAC, HSC and Diploma/Degree have selected more than one exam trade as per their qualifications. RRBs have also received representations from candidates for change of exam trade chosen at the time of application. 

To facilitate candidates to appear in only one exam trade in Part ‘B’ of 2nd stage CBT, RRBs have now decided that those candidates who have opted for more than one exam trade in view of their multiple qualification will be given an opportunity to select only one exam trade of their choice. Candidates qualifying in Part ‘B’ of 2nd stage CBT in the chosen trade shall be considered eligible for all the posts for which they possess prescribed minimum educational qualification based on their merit in Part ‘A’ of 2nd stage CBT. Further, considering that for certain posts the prescribed minimum educational qualification is HSC in Maths and Physics, RRBs have also decided to make available Maths & Physics as an Exam Trade with the syllabus of CBSE for HSC over and above the relevant trades mentioned in the notification for such candidates. 

Further, RRBs have decided to give a one time opportunity to candidates who have chosen single exam trade in their application to change their exam trade from among the relevant trades of their qualification in case they wish to change the exam trade. For candidates with only ITI/NAC qualification the exam trade shall be their ITI/NAC trade given in the application and cannot be changed.

Confirmation/Modification of Bank Account Details for Application Fee Refund

To facilitate refund of application fee to the candidates correctly, all the candidates are required to confirm Bank Account Details viz Beneficiary Name, Bank IFSC Code and the Account Number to which the refund is to be credited. If the candidates wish to modify the account details furnished earlier, they can select Modify Account option and enter the OTP sent to their Registered Mobile Number. The account details once confirmed/modified cannot be modified again. 
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