30 Sept 2018

Answer Key/ Solved Paper-III Laboratory Attendant 30.09.2018 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Paper Part- III Laboratory Attendant exam. 30.09.2018 Morning, codes A B C D

Q. Sides of two similar traingles are in the ratio 4:9 Area of these traingles are in the ratio-
Ans. 16:81
Q. Antacid among the following is-  
Ans. Soda Lime 
Q. The Markanda river was known as ..... in ancient times.
Ans. Aruna
Q. ESZ means
Ans. Eco Sensitive Zone
Q. The larger of two supplementary angles exceeds the smaller by 18 degree. Find them. 
Ans. 81, 99
Q. Kalka constituency comes under the district of 
Ans. Panchkula 
Q. Sohana Car rally started in the year.
Ans. 1964
Q. The Governor of Haryana lives in 
Ans. Haryana Raj Bhawan
Q. Saline soil occurs in the parts of 
Ans. Sonepat
Q. Chand Bardai wrote the book titled
Ans. Prithviraj Raso
Q. If ECONOMICS is written as SCIMONOCE how Physics can be written 
Q. Kartik festival is celebrated at 
Ans. Nahar Singh Mahal
Q. The administrative officer of the state division is called as 
Ans. Commissioner 
Q. A current of 0.2 A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb for 10 minutes. The amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit is-
Ans. 120 C
Q. A current through a horizontal power line flows in east to west direction. The direction of magnetic field at a point below the wire is-
Ans. South to North 
Q. Growth of pollen tube towards ovule is an example for 
Ans. Chemotropism 
Q. The first king of Vardhana dynasty is-
Ans. Prabhakar Vardhana
Q. Which of the following is an Arithmetic progression?
Q. The characteristic feature seen in carbon is 
Ans. Combination 
Q. Central food Technology Research Institute is centered at 
Ans. Mysore 

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