11 Mar 2018

HSSC notice to give choice of Departments for the post of Clerk 10/2015 Cat. 01

Notice to the candidates for the post of Clerk of various Departments/Boards & Corporations against Advt. No. 10/2015 Cat. No. 01 to give Option of Department etc.

HSSC has notified to the candidates for the Post of Clerk against Advt. No. 10/2015 Cat. No. 01 of various Departments/Boards & Corporations, whose Scrutiny of Document cum Interview was held from 13.10.2017 to 18.10.2017, 21.10.2017 to 29.10.2017, 23.01.2018, 24.01.2018 and from 07.03.2018 to 09.03.2018. 
For allocation of Departments/Boards & Corporations as per merit and candidate's choice in transparent manner, the Commission has decided that the candidates who have appeared for scrutiny of document - cum - interview for the post of Clerk against advt. No.10/2015 Cat No.01 shall give option from amongst the list of 103 Departments/Boards & Corporations and mark their priority. A candidate should fill all the 103 Departments/Boards & Corporations as per his/her priority which shall be considered as per his merit/priority of option given. 
The candidates are advised to visit website of Commission i.e. www.hssc.gov.in to give option of the Departments/Boards & Corporations.

Key Dates- 

12.03.2018 to 14.03.2018 upto 12.00 Noon 

The Commission will not entertain any manual representation/application as ailllocation of Departments/Boards & Corporations shall be made through computerized Process keeping in view merit of candidates, priority fixed by him and requisition of the concerned Department/Board & Corporation.

In case a candidate(s) does not give the option or give limited option then in case of selection he/she will be allotted to the Departments / Boards / Corporations according to his merit in alphabetical order of Departments/Boards or Corporation by the computer and no request for change of Departments/ Boards or Corporations shall be entertained.
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