19 Nov 2017

Answer Key-III Anganwadi supervisor (Female) Exam 19.11.2017 Morning A B C D

Unofficial Answer Key-cum-solved question paper for the post of Anganwadi supervisor (Female) Exam 19.11.2017 Morning Codes A B C D 

Q.51 Which of the following is the longest river in India?
Ans. Ganga 
Q.52 Choose the word which is different from the rest 
Ans. China 
Q.53 Complete the series-
145, 80, 65, 15, ?
Ans. 50
Q.54 Choose the same relation: ZNJV:YMIU::BLJW:?
Q.55 Arrange the given words in the meaningful sequence
Ans. Order, Cooking, Eating, Billing & Payment 
Q.56 Complete the series- 
Ans. C option 
Q.57 In the line of 40 students Rohit stood at 30th position from left and Karan stood at 35th position from right. How many students would be there between Rohit and Karan?
Ans. 23
Q.58 A person moved towards East then he took left and then again right an then right and finally turned to right. In which direction did he face at the end?
Ans. West
Q.59 Find the blank 
Ans. C option 
Q.60 The HCF of 513, 1134 and 1215 is 
Ans. 27
Q.61 The value of 
Ans. D option 
Q.62 13 Chairs and 5 Tables were bought for Es. 8280. If the average cost of a table is Rs. 1227, then the average cost of a chair is 
Ans. 165
Q.63 If a number when multiplied by 13 is increased by 180, then number is 
Ans. 12
Q.64 If the difference between 31% of a number and 13 of the same number is 576, then the number is 
Ans. A option 
Q.65 If x=1/3y and y=1/2z than x:y:z is equal to 
Ans. B option 
Q.66 One side of a rectangular field is 15m and one of its diagonals is 17m. The area of the field is 
Ans. 120 m2
Q.67 If a room is 12 m long, 9 m broad and 8 m high then the length of the longest pole that can be placed in it is 
Ans. 17 m
Q.68 What is the chemical formula of magnesium oxide 
Ans. Mgo
Q.69 Which gas is mostly produced along with salt when acid reacts with metals?
Ans. Hydrogen 
Q.70 Using which property of metal, metal sheets are formed ?
Ans. Malleability 
Q.71 Which one of the following is at the first trophic level of food chain ?
Ans. Producer 
Q.72 By which process waste by-products are removed from the body?
Ans. Excretion 
Q.73 What is the function of Olfactory receptors?
Ans. To smell
Q.74 Which of the following is a Non-Renewable source of energy?
Ans. Fossil Fuels 
Q.75 What is  compass needle?
Ans. A needle Magnet 

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