2 Oct 2017

Answer Key-IV Sub-Inspector Food & Supplies exam 01.10.2017 Evening

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper of Written examination for the post of Sub-Inspector Food & Supplies, Department, Haryana, against Advt. No. 7/2015, Cat. No. 10 held on 01.10.2017 Evening codes A B C D

This key if unofficial. Candidates are advised to consult the official answer key for confirm answers, which will be uploaded by the HSSC on its official website i.e. www.hssc.gov.in 

Q.61 Which freedom fighter's statue has been constructed in the 2017 Surajkund International Craft Mela?
Ans. Birsa Muda from Jharkhand 
Q.62 When was the Swachh Shakti Saptah launched?
Ans. March, 1 to March 8, 2017
Q.63 Haryana presented over .... Budget for financial year 2017-18 in state Assembly.
Ans. 1 lac crore 
Q.64 The budget for financial year 2017-18 was .... more than previous year's budget.
Ans. None of above (it was 13.18%) 
Q.65 Haryana Govt. will provide .... rebate for use of BHIM App.
Ans. 5%
Q.66 The first edition of the Haryana Sahitya Sangam waas held in
Ans. Panchkula
Q.67 Haryana announced the launch of ..... Police Squads to stop harassment of women in public place.
Ans. Durga Vahini 
Q.68 Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) is applicable for ... years?
Ans. 1 year 
Q.69 The city of Thaneswar was the capital of which famous king?
Ans. Harshvardhana
Q.70 Which chauhan ruler attacked Haryana State in the 12th century and defeated the Tomaras?
Ans. King Arno 
Q.71 The ruler of the Gulam Dynasty, Balban tried to distroy the mighty powers of the Meyo of Haryana in the year.
Ans. 1265
Q.72 Modren Haryana State was formed on
Ans. 1st November, 1966
Q.73 Hundreds of years before the Mahabharata era, the Aryavansh Kurus stated in Haryana
Q.74 During the Yudhhaiya period, Haryana State was given the name of a/an 
Ans. Democratic State 
Q.75 Famous Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang describe in his book the splendor and prosperity of which place of the State?
Ans. Thaneswar
Q.76 While returning to his country, Ahmad Shah Abdali handed over the northern part of Haryana to-
Ans. Jain Khan 
Q.77 Where if the place named Koyel?
Ans. Kaithal 
Q.78 Where is the place named "Gourio Math" located ?
Ans. Kurukshetra
Q.79 Where is the place named Hariyal located 
Ans. Narwana 
Q.80 How many police Ranges are there currently in Haryana 
Ans. 5
Q.81 Which district comes under Hisar Police range?
Ans. Hansi 
Q.82 Match the lists
a. Ambala Police Range- Yamunanagar
b. Karnal Police Range- Kaithal
c. Hisar Police Range- Fatehabad
d. Rohtak Police Range- Jhajjar 
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