24 Sept 2017

Answer Key-IV Sub Inspector Food & Supplies Exam 20.09.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper of Written examination for the post of Sub-Inspector (Food & Supplies, Department, Haryana, against Advt. No. 7/2015, Cat. No. 10 held on 24.09.2017 Morning codes A B C D

This key if unofficial. Candidates are advised to consult the official answer key for confirm answers, which will be uploaded by the HSSC on its official website i.e. www.hssc.gov.in 

Q.86 Who among the following were called Neo-Muslims during the reign of Jalaluddin Firoz Khilji?
Ans. Mongals 
Q.87 Which Sultan of Delhi founded and built the Fort of Siri?
Ans. Alauddin Khilji 
Q.88 The site of Mohenjo Daro is located on the bank of the river?
Ans. Indus 
Q.89 Who was regarded as War God in Rigveda?
Ans. Indra 
Q.90 The largest number of Hindu Manasabdara was in the period of-
Ans. Akbar 
Q.91 Who influenced Mahadev Govind Ranade to establish Prarthana Samaj of Bombay?
Ans. Keshab Chandra Sen 
Q.92 Annie Besant was mostly associated with?
Ans. Home Rule Movement 
Q.93 Who was associated with the August Offer?
Ans. Lord Linlithgow 
Q.94 Who was Dhanvabtari?
Ans. A Physician 
Q.95 The black part of the moon is always calm and dark, which is called 
Ans. Sea of tranquility
Q.96 By how much degree, the earth is inclined on its own axis?
Ans. 23.5
Q.97 The per capita Co2 emission is the highest in 
Ans. China 
Q.98 The deepest lake in the world is-
Ans. Baikal Lake 
Q.99 Which of the following is bio-diesel plant?
Ans. Jatropha 
Q.100 The alluvial soil found along the banks of the rivers in the Ganga plain is called?
Ans. Khadar 
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