18 Sept 2017

Answer Key-IV Conductor Haryana Roadways Exam 17.09.2017 Morning A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Roadways Conductor Exam held on 17.09.2017 (Morning Shift) against Advt. No.  Cat. No. 

This is unofficial Key, official key will be uploaded by Haryana Staff Selection Commission on its official website
Q.76. For blank space, choose the proper article-
I spoke with....Chinese film director that I told you about. 
Ans. The 
Q.77.Fill in the blanks with suitable option
Now a days ..... attacks are common in the politics and people do not bother to tell lie.
Ans. Slanderous
Q.78. Choose one option that expresses the meaning of the sentence 
One who talks too much?
Q.79 For blank space choose the proper article 
....Sahara is the world's biggest desert.
Ans. The 
Q.80. Choose the option that expresses the meaning of the given word.
Ans. Effectiveness 
Q.81 Centre Govt. approve how much grant for plan under horticulture mission for the state of Haryana. 
Ans. 109.29 crore 
Q.82. Official language of Haryana is 
Ans. Hidni
Q.83. Haryana Vikas Party was founded by-
Ans. Bansi Lal
Q.84 Match the following -
i. Birla Temple  a. 1892
ii. Agroha Dham b. 1952
iii. Rudhmal Temple c. 1976-1984 
Ans.  Agroha Dham-1976-1984 
Rudhmal Temple-1892
Birla Temple-1952
Q.85. In Haryana Govt. Department of Parliamentary Affairs is allotted to-
Ans. Rambilas Sharma 
Q.86. Which one of the following does not belongs to Haryana 
Ans. Kapil Sharma
Q.87. Chisti sect was established in Haryana by Shaikh Farid. Another name of him is-
Ans. Farid-ud-din Sharkarganj 
Q.88. Haryana shares boundary with 
Ans. Himachal 
Q.89. Pilgrimage place of Haryana, panchvati located in 
Ans. Palwal 
Q.90. In Haryana King Janmejay was associated with the town.
Ans. Safidon 
Q.91. The Haryana Govt has decided to constitute village level committee under the chairmanship of ..... for construction and maintenance of of cow homes.
Ans. Sarpanch 
Q.92.All belongs to theater of Haryana except 
Ans. Ujjwal Singh#
Q.93. Todarmal was associated with 
Ans. Land revenue reform
Q.94. Which of the following is not correctly matched 
Ans. Karnal- Hathni Kund 
Q.95.How many administrative divisions are there in Haryana 
Ans. 6
Q.96. Which of the following is correctly matched 
Ans. Panipat - Thermal Power 
Q.97. Which of the following is wrongly matched
Ans. Joginder Singh- Educationist & Literature 
Q.98. Haryana day is observed in which month of the calender year
Ans. November 
Q.99. Vijender Singh:Boxing::Geeta Jutshi:?
Ans. Athletics 
Q.100 Haryana Institute of civil aviation was conceived on 
Ans. April 1, 1999
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