19 Sept 2017

Answer Key-II Conductor Haryana Roadways Exam (Evening) 17.09.2017 A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper Haryana Roadways Conductor Exam held on 17.09.2017 (Evening Shift) 

This is unofficial Key, official key will be uploaded by Haryana Staff Selection Commission on its official website

Q.21 The biggest animal farm of Asia is in which district of Haryana?
Ans. Hisar
Q.22 The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is situated in 
Ans. Chandigarh 
Q.23 A famous personality from Haryanal, Yashpal Sharma belongs to
Ans. Cinema 
Q.24 Govt of Haryana launched its First Blood Bank with support of Cargil to support various feeding programmes at 
Q.25 Who has been appointed as State Brand Ambassador of Haryana Govt for 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' Abhiyan 
Ans. Sakshi Malik
Q.26 Match the following-
Tilyar Lake
Kala Aamb
Ans. Panipat- Kala Aamb 
Rohtak- Tilyaar Lake 
Panchkula- Red-bishop 
Ambala- Kingfisher 

Q.35 In Govt of Haryana department of Industries and commerce is allotted to the minister-
Ans. Vipul Goyal 
Q.36 In which district of Haryana Thermal Power Station situated?
Ans. All these 
Q.37 Bhakt-Bharti and Satyagrahi Prahlad are the poetic creation of-
Ans. Tulsidas Sharma Dinesh 
Q.38 After Anti_Romeo squad launched by Govt. of UP Govt of Haryana launched-
Ans. Durga Squad 
Q.39 Which is the 22nd district of Haryana ?
Ans. Charkhi Dadri 
Q.40 Haryana shares its border with-
Ans. All of these 
Q.41 Deficiency of Vitamin B1 causes-
Ans. Beri-Beri 
Q.42 A basic rule when on highway is
Ans. Keep the left lane unless overtaking 
Q.43 If we arrange all the words alphabetically, which word would be last in the arrangement ?
Ans. Mouth 
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