10 Sept 2017

Answer Key Conductor Haryana Roadways exam 10.07.17 Morning A B C D

Answer Key (Unofficial) cum Solved Question Paper Haryana Roadways Conductor Exam (Morning Shift) held on 10.09.2017 for all codes A B C D

Q.21 All of the following rivers emerge from the shivalik ranges, except 
Ans. Yamuna 
Q.22 In Haryana Government minister Karn Dev Kamboj belongs to constituency 
Ans. Indri 
Q.23 Who was the first speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha ?
Ans. Shano Devi
Q.24 Bana Bhtta was a friend and state poet of the king 
Ans. Harshwardhan 
Q.25 In Haryana Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre is located at
Ans. Pinjore 
Q.26 No. of the representatives of the state Haryana in Lok Sabha is 
Ans. 10
Q.27 In which of the following districts, Rakhigarhi site of Harappan Civilisation was excavated?
Ans. Hisar  
Q.28 Chhadi folk dance is performed on which occasion ?
Ans. Gugga Naumi 
Q.29 Khwaja Altaf Hussain Hali wass a
Ans. Poet
Q.30 Timur made an attack on which of the following cities of Haryana ?
Ans. All of these 
Q.31 A's weight is twice than B's weight. B's weight is 4.5 times the weight of C. C's weight is half the weight of D. D's weight is half the weight of E. 
Who has the least weight among all 5?
Ans. C#
Q.32 baa_a_a_bab_aba (which letters are appropriate from following to fill the blanks?) 
Q.33 The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, by volume, is approx.
Ans. 0.03%
Q.34 Who is the patron saint of Goa?
Ans.  St. Xavier 
Q.35 The position of an element in the periodic Table is determined by its.... number 
Ans. Proton 
Q.36 Which is the most important body of UN?
Ans. Security Council 
Q.37 Which is the most populous city 
Ans. Mumbai  
Q.38 Artists are generally whimsical. Some of them are frustrated. Frustrated people are prone to be drug addicts.
Based on these statements which of the following conclusion is true?
Ans. Some artist may be drug addicts
Q.39 The instrument used to measure wind speed is
Ans. Anemometers
Q.40 What are the imaginary lines parallel to the equator called ?
Ans. Latitude
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