10 Aug 2017

Answer Key-V Haryana Roadways Driver Exam 06.08.2017

Q. 76 The driver of a motor vehicle can produce the insurance certificate, on demand by a police uthority within..... days?
Ans. 7  
Q. 77 An appeal against the award of a claims tribynal in any dispute can be made to High court within a period of 90 days
Ans. 90 days

Q. 78 Main Road Ahead; Dead Slow is a ..... traffic sign. 
Ans. Cautionary 

Q. 79 A person obtaining the driving license is not of forty years of age on the date of issue, is effective for a period of 
Ans. 20 years or the person attains the age of forty years, whichever is earlier.

Q. 80 Clutch is provided between...... and Gear box of an automobile.
Ans. Engine

Q. 81 ..... has to be filled to lead acid battery if the electrolyte level is low.
Ans. Distilled water 

Q. 82 Toe-in and Toe-out of the front wheels is normally set right by making adjustment at.....
Ans. Tie Rod 

Q. 83 A driving learner license is valid for a period of .... from the date of issue.
Ans. 6 months 

Q. 84 When a motor vehicle registered in one State is kept in another State for a period of......, new registration has to be obtained from the second state.
Ans. 1 year 

Q. 85 If  the person obtaining or renewing the license is already of forty years of age, the license will be valid for next..... years.
Ans. 5 

Q. 86 The oil used for the lubrication of which of the following vehicle system is thickest?
Ans. Differential

Q. 87 The diameter of the tires used for heavy goods vehicles is.....
Ans. 1020 mm

Q. 88 The number of shafts provided in heavy duty vehicle gear box is normally .....
Ans. 3

Q. 89 The number of cells provided in an modern 12 volt automotive battery is....
Ans. 6

Q. 90 The shaft provided behind the gear box of rear wheel to drive heavy vehicles is called....
Ans. Propeller shaft

Q. 91 In heavy duty vehicles ..... brakes are provided
Ans. Compressed air operated 

Q. 92 The leaf spring bushes are lubricated by
Ans. Grease

Q. 93 After servicing of hydraulic brakes .... has to be carried out before moving the vehicle 
Ans. Air bleeding

Q. 94 The output shaft of the engine is called as 
Ans. Crank shaft 

Q. 95 The number of brake shoes provided in drum brakes at each wheel is 
Ans. 2

Q. 96 Fi light or heavy transport vehicle in general, the minimum first aid supplies are required to contain ....
Ans. 16 Band Aid units 

Q. 97 For light motor vehicles, the speeds stipulated in the road signs established in the route or area to a maximum speed of.... kmph while travelling on divided highways.
Ans. 100

Q. 98 For large goods vehicle (HMV), the speeds stipulated in the road signs established in the route of non-divided highways is....
Ans. 70 kmph 

Q. 99 To reduce the accident due to tire failure, the minimum tire tread measure required for light vehicles is ....
Ans. 2 mm rear, 3 mm front 

Q. 100 Parking breaks are provided normally in ...... in heavy duty vehicles.
Ans. Rear wheels
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