21 Aug 2017

Answer Key-iV Wild Life Guard Exam 20.08.2017 Morning Codes A B C D

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper HSSC Wild Life Guard Exam held on 20.08.2017 Morning against Advt. No. 12/2015 Cat. No. 9. Codes A B C D

Q.61 In the State what is the cumulative amount provided to the Param Vir Chakra holding soldier?
Ans. 2 Crores
Q.62 Where is the hostel located in the State for Scheduled Caste children who are involved in unhealthy business 
Ans. #
Q.63 Which of the following children development projects is related with the Haryana State?
Q.64 In the year 1802, George Thomas died in which place of the State?
Ans. Baharampur 
Q.65 During 1809-1810, the whole of Haryana was under the regime of the 
Ans. Britishers 
Q.66 What is the total population of Haryana as per census 2011
Ans. 25,351,462
Q.67 Which mineral ore is found in abundance in the district of Mahendragarh?
Ans. All of the above 
Q.68 Which mineral ore is available only in the Kaliyana village of Bhiwani district of India
Ans. Shaking stone 
Q.69 Which of the following is not a principal crop of Haryana/
Ans. Tea
Q.70 Match column 1 with column 2
Ans. a. Medicity- 2.Gurugram
b. Paper city- 1. Yamunanagar
c. Sugar city- 3. Palwal 
d. Apparatus city- 4. Ambala 

Q.71 What is the expected total revenue receipt (except public debt) as per 2014-15 Budget estimate?
Ans. #
Q.72 Which of the following mosques is situated in Gurugram 
Ans. SArai Alibardi's Masjid 
Q.73 Asia's largest cactus garden known as Cactus Garden is situated in the State at 
Ans. Panchkula 
Q.74 As per 2011 Census, the literacy rate in the State is 
Ans. 76.64%
Q.75 The percentage of women literate in Haryana is 
Ans. 67.30
Q.76 Horse:Hay::Cow:?
Ans. Fodder
Q.77 Kilometer:Distance::Poundal:? 
Ans. Force #
Q.78 3265:4376::4673:?
Ans. 5784
Ans. CLL
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