17 Jul 2017

Answer Key SEPO/ Panchayat Officer Exam 16.07.2017 Evening-III Code A B C D

Answer Key-cum-Solved Question Paper (Unoffical) for the post of Social Education and Panchayat Officer- SEPO exam held on 16.07.2017 Evening for all the codes A B C D

Word given in capitals is jumbled. Choose the right meaningful jumbled word from the option below-
Ans. Concise
Ans. Concert 
Read the passage and answer-
Q. Which of the following words/group of words has the Opposite meaning of the word PLUMMETED as used in the passage?
Ans. Suddenly increased 
Q. All the following are state as the possible reason for less offtake of foodgrain in Hindi heartland from PDS except?
Ans. Lack of proper networking of ration shops
Q. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage as an apparent contradiction with relation to PDS?
Ans. Increase in market price and less off take#
Identify the meaning of the following words in capitals from the options given below-
Ans. An order forbidding something 
Ans. Reversion too erlier type 
Ans. Yielding gold
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