16 Jul 2017

Answer Key Panchayat Officer/ SEPO Exam 16.07.2017 Morning code A B C D

Answer Key-cum-Solved Question Paper (Unoffical) for the post of Social Education and Panchayat Officer- SEPO exam held on 16.07.2017 Morning for all the codes A B C D

Q. Who said this statement ?
"Indian Village is not static community but it is dynamic".
Ans. Charles M.
Q. What is the term of the Village Panchayat?
Ans. 5 years
Q. In which census there was 5,40,56,388 residential house in villages ?
Ans. 1951
Q. Expand ARDC
Q. When was the Bhoodan Movement started?
Ans. 18th April, 1951
Q. The concept of progress is closely associate with the concept of 
Ans. Social change 
Q. To Kautilya Village is a human settlement having a population 
Ans. 100-500
Q. The general health of the rural masses is
Ans. Not bad 
Q. How many percent of the rural people have latrines before five years?
Q. The word Jajman is derived from which main word?
Ans. Sanskrit 
Q. Why Agriculturist do not like education?

Q. In which year Untouchability Offence Act was passed ?
Ans. 1955
Q. How much money spent in Sixth Five Year plan for the welfare of SC/ST?
Q. Where is the Bharatiya Depressed Classes League?
Ans. Kolkata 
Q. Which is the first community the child came into contact?
Ans. Neighbourhood 
Q. Which factor lost its traditional hold in the villages?
Ans. Family System 
Q. Whose behaviours are natural and not artificial?
Ans. The village people 
Q. The term education is derived from the which root word?
Ans. Latin 
Q. Who remarked this statement ?
"The midwife brings forth, the nurse brings up the tutor  trains and master teaches"
Ans. Varro
Q. Education has come to be today as ... more than an instruments of 
Ans. Livelihood 
Q. Who is the head of the Village Panchayat?
Ans. None 
Q. Self government at the village level in Karnataka is called?
Ans.  Gram Panchayat 
Q. The primary occupation of rural people ?
Ans. Agriculture 
Q. Factors are affect the marketing of agro production ?
Ans. All above 
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