23 Jul 2017

Answer Key Inspector Food & Supply Exam 23.07.17 Morning A B C D codes

Answer Key / Solved Question Paper (Unofficial) Inspector, Food and Supply Exam. 23.07.2017 Morning shift, Code A B C D Advt. No. 7/2015 Cat. No. 9

Q.1 If A= ......
Ans. 0

Q.2 AS per Archaeological approach who did the very first research ?
Ans. Kanigham

Q.3  A B C D P Q R S are sitting in a circle.....
Ans. S

Q.4 The value of-----
Ans. 3

Q.5 Born Habers Cycle can not be used to estimate 
Ans. Hydration energy 

Q.6 If RSTU is coded as UTSR, how is JKLM coded?

Q.7 In which city of Haryana many people from foreign counties come to medication?
Ans. Gurgaon 

Q.8 What is Dhamal?
Ans. Dance

Q.9 Chhilchhila wildlife sanctuary is in which district?
Ans. Kurukshetra 

Q.10 Among there places where are air services available?
Ans. Delhi-Chandigarh 

Q.11 In Asian games how much money has to be given to the gold medalist in Haryana ?
Ans. 3 Crores 

Q.12 The total electrical energy generated in a country in a particular year was 7.5X10.....
Ans. 30 kg 

Q.13 Who is the writer of Vichar Sagar ?
Ans. Nishchaldas 

Q.14 The wave function .. in the Schrodinger wave equation represents- 
Ans. Amplitude of wave 

Q.15 The focal length of a plane..........
Ans. 80 cm

Q.16 A man said to a lady " Your mother's husband's sister is my aunt". How is the lady related to the man?
Ans. Sister.

Q.17 Thanesar king Prabhakar Vardhan defeated to which foreign invader?
Ans. Hoon

Q.18 Prime Minister Narender Modi recently launched air regional connectivity scheme UDAN (Ude desh ka har nagarik) on which route was the first flight flagged off?
Ans. Shimla - Delhi 

Q.19 Im.........
Ans. -1/2

Q.20 Who is the writer of book "Apne reeti riwaz"?
Ans. Sumerchand

Q.21 What does the letter 'K' stands for the acronym PMKYS ?
Ans. Krishi 

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