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22 Jul 2017

Answer Key Inspector, Food & Supplies exam. 23.07.2017 Morning & Evening shifts, Codes A B C D

Haryana Staff Selection Commission Written Exam Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper for the post of Inspector (Food & Supplies Department) Advt. No.7/2015 Cat. No. 9 dated- 23.07.2017

Haryana Staff Selection Commission will hold written examination for the post of Inspector, Cat. No. 9, Food & Supplies Department Haryana, against Advt. No. 7/2015 at Panchkula, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Kurukeshetra, Karnal and Panipat as per schedule given below:-

Inspector (Food & Supplies Department Haryana) Advt. No.7/2015 Cat. No. 9

Date & time of Examination-23.07.2017 (Morning) from 10.30 A.M to 12.00 Noon Reporting Time 09.00 A.M. 
23.07.207 (Evening) from 3.00 P.M to 4.30 P.M Reporting Time 1.30 P.M.

Answer Key Inspector Food & Supplies- 

Haryana Staff Selection Commission has uploaded the answer keys of written examtnation of above mentioned post on the website of the Haryana Staff Selection Commission i.e. www.hssc.gov.in

If any candidate has any objection regarding any answer key, he/she may submit his/her objection to the Commission by email on email address hsscsecyobjection@gmail.com from 03.08.2017 to 06.08.2017 upto 5.00 P.M
Answer key  Inspector, Food & Supply (Morning Slot) Click here
Answer key  Inspector, Food & Supply (Evening Slot) Click here

Unofficial Answer Key Morning- 

Unofficial Answer key-cum-solved Question Paper will be uploaded by us as soon as the exam will over for both the shifts and all the codes.
Note- For confirm Answers candidates must consult the official Answer Key. 

Morning Shift Keys- 

For Answer Key/ Solved Paper Morning Part-I Click here
For Answer Key/ Solved Paper Morning Part-II Click here
For Answer Key/ Solved Paper Morning Part-III Click here

Evening Shift Keys- 

For Answer Key/ Solved Paper Evening Part-I Click here
For Answer Key/ Solved Paper Evening Part-II  Click here

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  1. Answer key of inspector of Food and supplies hssc Code C
    1 Gravity Gramin
    Answer A Swami Vivekanand
    2 The reminder when...
    Answer C 8
    4 heavy water
    Answer C Deuterium Oxcide
    5 How many women...
    Answer B 21
    6 Pointing out to a girl..
    Answer D
    7 Among HIV Virus
    Answer A HIV1
    9 Manufacturing of Atlas cycle
    Answer C Sonipat
    12 Cricket Plyaer
    Answer D Pataudi
    13 Developed Java
    Answer D Oracle
    14 State Level Geeta Jayanti
    Answer Kurukshetra
    15 The smallest number
    Answer A 180
    17 Paper less Department
    Answer A Industrial training Department
    18 Livestock Research
    Answer B Hissar
    19 Colour of Carrot
    Answer B Carotene
    20 E-Stamps
    Answer B Revenue
    21 Comes Next
    Answer C 127
    22 Kendali Manesar
    Answer A Palwal
    23 Geeta Maneeshi
    Answer D Swami Gyananadji
    24 Huge Panorama
    Answer Kurukshetra
    25 Odd One
    Answer B Dog:Bitch
    27 in 1979
    Answer Gurgaon
    28 Raju veer Choudhary
    Answer A Gujrati
    Answer C nnmm
    32 In payanchati
    Answer D 10th Pass
    33 Hathnikund
    Answer A Yamanaka Nagar
    34 Madhya Pardesh
    Answer A Tiger
    35 C. M. Widow
    Answer B District Headquarters
    36 If f(n).
    Answer B 30
    37 Your Daughter our
    Answer A Woman and Child Development
    39 MP from Ambala
    Answer C Rattan Lal Kataria
    40 Snake
    Answer C Zootoxins
    41 in Haryana for quality
    Answer D All of above
    42 If + means
    Answer B 100
    43 women wore Borla
    Answer C Forehead
    44 Most airport
    Answer D Politicians
    45 Introducing a man
    Answer B Husband
    47 In certain code
    Answer B FWNNCTF
    48 TILIYAR
    Answer A Rohtak
    51 Baghdad
    Answer A Iraq
    52 Fillmore Singer
    Answer D Faridabad
    53 Drummer
    Answer D Cabinet
    55 Electronegativity of Beryllium
    Answer A Aluminum
    56 Baje Bhagat
    Answer C Saang Tradition
    57 Anuradha Beniwal
    Answer A Chess
    58 Apple of
    Answer A something especially dear
    59 Look Blue
    Answer A Look Disappointed
    62 As Black As
    Answer C Night
    63 As cold as
    Answer A Ice
    64 science of Dates
    Answer B Chronology
    65 Science of Sound
    Answer D Acoustics
    76 PRESERVING technique
    Ans Canning
    78 Whiteness in product
    Ans C Titanium dioxide
    79 Natural antioxidants
    Ans A Vitamin C
    80 Acetic acid
    Ans B Gluconobactor
    81 Dealer and FPS
    Ans C 75%
    83 If the licensing
    Ans D All the above
    84 Ration Card holders
    Ans D All
    87 FPS owner
    Ans A 10/-
    89 Iron absorption
    Ans A Calcium oxalates
    90 In 1985
    Ans C UNICEF#
    91 FPS license will
    Ans 2years
    92 The headquarter of
    Ans D Rome
    93 frozen dry
    Ans A Lyophilization
    94 Licensing authority
    Ans A 7days
    95 Dryness
    Ans Xerophthalmia
    96 For the grant
    Ans D All the above
    97 Licensing authority for
    Ans C SHG (Self Help Group)
    98 Each gram
    Ans B 4
    99 In Urban
    Ans Municipal Counselor
    100 The precursor
    Ans C Tryptophan