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7 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Paper Water Pump Operator Exam 07.05.17 A B C D

Q.1 The number of triangles in the figure is-
Ans. 6
Q.2. Which is the eternal flowing river ?
Ans. Saraswati (According to Key YAMUNA)
Q.3. A and B are married couple. X and Y are brothers. If X is the brother of A then Y is related to B as-  
Ans. Brother In Law
Q.4. If A(-2, 4) are the co_ordinates of diameter AB of a circle centred at (0, 0)then B is 
Ans. (2,-4)
Q.5 What did Swami Dayanand Saraswati start as soon as he reached Rewadi?
Ans. Goshala 
Q.6. An article marketed at Rs. 500 is offered at Rs. 440, then the rate of discount offered is 
Ans. 12%
Q.7. What is the meaning of the Haryanvi idiom 'Chilam Bharna'?
Ans. Sweet talk
Q.8. If H=8, HE=13, then HEN will be equal to-
Ans. 27
Q.9. In which part of body do women wear the Kadulaa ornament?
Ans. On arm 
Q.10. Manjiyana Project of Sirsa comes under which of the following mission?
Ans. Horticulture 
Q.11. A cistern can be filled by a tab in 6 hours. After 4 hours, What part of the cistern will remain empty?
Ans. 1/3
Q.12. Value of sin2......
Ans. 1 
Q.13. On which National Highway is Dharuhera Industrial Area located?
An. Delhi-Jaipur
Q.14. Choose the right option for *
2, 3,5, *, 11 
Ans. 7
Q.15. If + means ....

Q.16. Zeros of polynomial x2......
Ans. 1, 2
Q.17. Which Tirth is in the Khedi Gujjar village of Sonipat district ?
Ans. Satkhumbha Tirth 
Q.18. Select the number which is different from the other three?
Ans. 5790
Q.19. Historical town Raniya is in which of the following district?
Ans. Sirsa
Q.20. The number 285 is not divisible by-
Ans. 2
Q.21. Which among the following is the most recently formed district ?
Ans. Palwal
Q.22. This schematic diagram represents- Atmosphere- Frog- Carbon dioxide and water- Paddy plant 
Ans. Oxygen cycle
Q.23. In which district of Haryana has a railway workshop?
Ans. Yamunanagar 
Q.24 A person observes the leaf and identified as monocot, because
Ans. B, It has parallel venation and  cotyledon remain below the soil during germination 
Q.25. Shri Rambilas Paswan is the current Minister of-
Ans. Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
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