30 May 2017

Answer Key/ Solved Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam 28.05.2017 Evening P-IV A B C D

Answer Key cum Solved Question Paper Mandi Supervisor Exam. held on 28.05.2017 Evening against Advt 07/2015, Cat. 17 code A B C D 

Q.87. In a town 40% of the male population and 45% of the female population are married. Find ration between male and female population in the town, assuming the one man marries one woman and vice-versa.
Ans. 9:8
Q.88. A man purchased two articles for total cost of 9000/- He sold the first article at 15% profit and the second at 12% loss. In the bargain he neither gained nor lost anything. Find cost of first article.
Ans. 4000
Q.89. 9 man started a partnership business contributing 1000 each. Later on 10th man joined the partnership contributing 3600/- more then the average contribution of all the 10 men. How much did the 10th man contribute?
Ans. 14000/- (If contribution is 10,000/ instead of 1000/-)
Q.90. A man invested a total sum of rs 8500 in names of his sons at 4% and 5% respectively in such awl way that they get equal amount on attaining the age of 20 years. If their present ages are 15 years and 13 years respectively, what is the sum invested in the name of elder son?
Ans. 4500/-
Q.91. A man borrows 2100/- and undertakes to pay back with compound interest @ 11% p.a. in two equal yearly instalments at the end of first and second year. What is the amount of each instalment ?
Ans. 1210
Q.92. The ratio between the Hindu and Sikh population in 2004 was-
Ans. 2:3
Q.93. If the total population of the State in 2004 was 5 lakhs, then the total of Hindu and Muslim population in the year was
Ans. 275000
Q.94. If the total population of the State in 2005 was 5 million, then the Hindu population was ( 1 million = 1000000)
Ans. 175000

Q.95. Find the odd one from the given alternatives 
Ans. New Delhi. 
Q.96. A number being successively divided by 5, 7 and 11 leaves 3, 1 and 1 as remainders respectively. Find the remainder if the same number is divided by 385 ?
Ans. 78
Q.97 What will be the remainder when 29**75 is divided by 30?
Ans. 29
Q.98. The numerator of a rational number is less then its denominator by 5. If the numerator is increased by 9 and the denominator is doubled then the new fraction is 5/8, the original fraction is?
Ans. 11/16
Q.99. Four liters of phenol is drawn from a can. It is then filled water. Four liters of mixture is drawn again and the bottle is again filled with water. The quantity of phenol now left in the bottle is to that of water is in the ratio 36:13. How much does the bottle hold
Ans. 28
Q.100. if A gives B 4/-, B will have twice as much as A. If B gives A 15/-, A will have 10 times as much as B. How much A has originally?
Ans. 15
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