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8 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Paper-IV Water Pump Operator Exam 07.05.17 A B C D

Q.74.Which of the following process is applied to a sheet with the main object of stretching the metal with an improved surface?
Ans. Planishing 
Q.75. Which of the following flux is commonly used in Brazing?
Ans. borax
Q.76 Which of the following is the operation of accurately finishing the drilled hole?
Q.77. The capacity of the battery is reduced by -
Ans. low  temperature 
Q.78. Which of the following instruments is used to measure specific gravity of battery solution?
Ans. hydrometer 
Q.79. Which of the following is used to check the diameter of the wire or thickness of the sheet?
Ans. Standard wire gauge
Q.80. Name the value shown in the figure.
Ans. 4/2 DC valve
Q.81 Which pump is used for small discharge under high pressure?
Ans. Reciprocating pump 
Q.82. Which of the following flame is generally used in oxy acetylene welding?
Ans. Neutral Flame
Q.83. Which of the following pump requires priming ?
Ans. Centrifugal pump 
Q.84. The matenals neither conductors nor insulators are called 
Ans. Semiconductors
Q.85 A device that conducts easily being the forward biased and conducts poorly being the reverse biased is called
Ans. Diode
Q.86. Which of the following gas is used in fire extinguishers?
Ans. Nitrogen According to Key Carbon dioxide 
Q.87. What is first aid?
Ans. The first help given to the victim of an accident.
Q.88. Which of the following test is carried out using the equipment called magna flux?
Ans. magnetic particle test 
Q.89. Depth and distribution of hardness obtained by quenching is determined by its property of 
Ans. Hardenability
Q.90. Which of the following is used to direct and regulate the flow of fluid from compressor or pump to the various load devices?
Ans. Control valves 

Q.91. Seals used to seal between stationary parts are called
Ans. static seals
Q.92. Which one of the following metals is used to make Hacksaw Blade?
Ans. High Carbon Steel or High Speed Steel
Q.93. What is the purpose of tempering the Steel ?
Ans. To decrease brittleness and increase ductility
Q.94. Which of the following in arc welding produce electric arc between work and electrode?
Ans. contact resistance
Q.95. Which of the following is used too specify  a portable drilling machine ?
Ans. A
Q.96. Which of the following measuring tool is used to measure internal diameter of a hole?
Ans. Inside micrometer 
Q.97. Which of the following is used to check the clearance between two mating surfaces?
Ans. Feeler gauge 
Q.98. What is the difference between the upper limit and lower limit of a dimension ?
Ans. Tolerance 
Q.99. Which of the following is used for fastening of Shaft and Pulley?
Ans. Key 
Q.100. Name the pump in which an internal gear with one less tooth than the outer gear wheel 
Ans. Gerotor pump 


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  4. is it 95℅ acurucy or not

    1. In this part we can not assure accuracy because we have no expert. Answers given in the key are subject to confirmation.