1 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Paper-IV Anganwadi Supervisor Female 30.04.17

Q.86. Expand ICDS 
Ans. Integrated Child Development Schemes 
Q.87. Which of the breakfast food will provide a kid with the most energy-
Ans. Milk 
Q.88. Which is Psychosocial factor of learning of children?
Ans. Will 
Q.89 Which is the first school of child?
Ans. Home
Q.90. How to develop babies language skill?
Ans. Talk 
Q.91 Which are the personal hygiene of the children ?
Ans. Washing, Drying, Toileting 
Q.92 How much quantity of carbohydrate contained in the children food?
Ans. 45-65%
Q.93 What is the role of Balsevika?
Q.94. What do you mean by child psychology?
Ans. Study of mental order
Q.95. In which five year plan introduced welfare of women and children?
Ans. Seventh 
Q.96. Expand IMR
Ans. Infant Mortality Rate
Q.97. Which is the communicable disease ?
Ans. HIV 
Q.98. What is the best age for pre-school?
Ans. 3 years 
Q.99 Which is the essential components of the diet required for the growth of  a child ?
Ans. protein
Q.100. Who prepared the National Plan of Action for children?
Ans. Ministry of Women and Child Welfare 

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