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8 May 2017

Answer Key / Solved Paper-III Water Pump Operator Exam 07.05.17 A B C D

Q.51. The mean of first 10 natural numbers is-
Ans. 5.5
Q.52. Who is the author of the SAnskrit grantha Sri Bhakt Phool Singh Charitram ?
Ans. Pandit Vidyanidhi
Q.53 In a certain code language, FILM is written as ADGH, how is MILK written in that code?
Q.54. Who was the first non-congress Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans. Rao Birender Singh 
Q.55. Haryanvi spoken in Mewat does not hav influence of which one of the following dialects?
Ans. Punjabi
Q.56. Two figures having same shape and not necessarily the same size are called-
Ans. Similar figures 
Q.57. In which year Palwal was given the status of a district?
Ans. In 2008

Q.58. ..... the teacher explained the lesson several times. some of the students still did not understand it.
Ans. Even though 
Q.59. ..... It rains on Sunday. I will not be able to  drive.
Ans. If
Q.60. A document wholly written by hand by the author himself.
Ans. Autobiography According to Key Holograph 
Q.61. A firm belief in something.
Ans. trust According to key Conviction 
Q.62. You are John, ......?
Ans. Aren't you?
Q.63. He didn't recognize me,.....?
Ans. did he?
Q.64. We have to go..... many ups and downs in our lives.
Ans.  through
Q.65. The judge was given the.... authority to receive the affidavits.
Ans. Sole 
प्रश्न-66 जो कपडा बुनता है, उसे .....कहते हैं?
उत्तर- जुलाहा
प्रश्न-67. आंख का तारा मुहावरे का अर्थ है?
उत्तर- अत्यंत प्रिय व्यक्ति 
प्रश्न-68. लड़की ने ...खाए
उत्तर- केले
प्रश्न-69. 52 किलो को हिंदी में .... कहते हैं?
उत्तर- बावन 
प्रश्न-70.  घर शब्द का बहुवचन रूप है-
उत्तर- उत्तर कुंजी के अनुसार 'घर' सही उत्तर है वैसे वाक्य अनुसार घर और घरों दोनों सही होते हैं  
प्रश्न-71. उपकार शब्द का विलोम रूप है-
उत्तर- अपकार 
प्रश्न-72. ईश्वर .... कृपा से हम सुरक्षित हैं-
उत्तर- की 
प्रश्न-73. मैदान में ... खेल रही हैं-
उत्तर- लडकियां |
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