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3 Feb 2017

Answer key/ Solved Paper-IV HSSC Pharmacist Exam 29.01.2017 A B C D

Q.56 The schedule in D & C Act that deals with the pack sizes of drugs is ?
Ans. P1
Q.57 What is synonym of Rauwolfia ?
Ans. Indian snake root
Q.58 Which test is specially used for localization of cardiac glycosides in the crude drug ?
Ans. Baljet test
Q.59 The colorants are added in the process of sugar coating in one of the following steps
Ans. Subcoating
Q.60 Terazosin an anti hypertensive drug acts by 
Ans.  a1 adrenoceptors 
Q.61 The particle size is chiefly reduced in Fluid-Energy mill by
Ans.  Impacts and attrition
Q.62 Example of aromatase inhibitor is-
Ans.  Tamoxifen
Q.63 Peripheral neuritis is a major side effect of-
Ans.  Isoniazid
Q.64 Which schedule deal with standards for surgical dressing ?
Ans. F2
Q.65 The principal structural component of the cell wall in gram positive bacteria is 
Ans.  Peptidoglycan

Q.66 Not visible in Question Paper 
Q.67 Water for injection differs from sterile distilled water as it is free from 
Ans. Pyrogens
Q.68 Which is autoimmune disease?
Ans. Myasthenia gravis
Q.69 Penicillin is a beta-lactam ring fused to 
Ans. Thiazolidine ring
Q.70 In benzothiadiazine diuretics, the position 7 is occupied by 
Ans. Sulfonamide Group 
Q.71 The pyrimidine nucleobase found in RNA is 
Ans. Uracil
Q.72 Gram positive bacteria retain which type of colour in Gram staining ?
Ans.  Violet colour
Q.73 Nujol is  
Ans. Mineral oil
Q.74 Indian rhubarb shows fluorescence under UV light which is 
Ans. Violet 
Q.75 Which is water soluble vitamin ?
Ans. vitamin B
Q.76 Ibuprofen is derivative of 
Ans. Phenyl-a-methylacetic acid
Q.77 The light absorption in U.V. region produces change in the 
Ans.  The electronic energy of the molecule 
Q.78 Stereoisomers that are not mirror images of each other are called 
Ans. Diastereomers
Q.79 Sucrose is the disaccharide  which made up of
Ans. a-D-glucose and B-D-fructose 
Q.80 Mechanism of action for sildenafil used in erectile dysfunction is 
Ans. Phosphodiesterase V inhibitor 

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