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22 Jan 2017

Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper-II MPHW (Female) 22.01.2017 A B C D

Q.21 Where is the Maruti Suzuki manufacturing plant located in Haryana?
Ans. Gurugram
Q.22 Who is the present brand ambassador for Beti Bchao- Beti Padho campaign is Haryna?
Ans. Sakshi Malik 
Q.23 CFC is one of the Ozone Depletion substances which is found in-
Ans. All of these 
Q.24 Maharshi Dayanand University is situated in which city?
Ans. Rohtak 
Q.25 The normal breathing rate is?
Ans. 12-16 per minute 
Q.26 Select the correct option of districts sequence (Area wise small to large)
Ans. Jhajjar, Jind, Hisar 
Q.27 The war between Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali took place in 
Ans. Panipat 
Q.28 Who is the famous shot-put player from Haryana?
Ans. Inderjeet Singh
Q.29 The changes which occur in male at puberty are these of following except-
Ans. Atrophy of prostate gland 
Q.30 The beginning of the childbearing period is called as 
Ans. Menarche

Q.31 Pt. Ramkisan vyas is a celebrity in the field of 
Ans. Haryanvi Saangs
Q.32 The oxygen level in the body decreases in person with the chronic smoking because smoking increases 
Ans. Carbon Monoxide
Q.33 One of the function of the ear is- 
Ans. Hearing and Balancing 
Q.34 Which is the 22nd district of Haryana?
Ans. Charkhi Dadri 
Q.35 The first organ of the respiratory system is 
Ans. Nose 
Q.36 Pt. Lakhmi chand is known as- 
Ans. Surya Kavi
Q.37 On which date Haryana Govt. declared to develop Gurgaon as smart city by its own resources?
Ans. 22 September 2015
Q.38 The end of the childbearing age is called as-
Ans. Menopause 
Q.39 Sarasvati Wild Life Sanctuary is in the district -
Ans. Kaithal
Q.40 The normal level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is-
Ans. 0.03%
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