30 Jan 2017

Answer Key/ Solved Paper Part-IV MPHW (Male) Exam. 29.01.2017 A B C D

Q.41 Which hormones are secreted by Leydig cell ?
Ans. All of these 
Q.42 What is the number of chromosomes present in each spermatogonium?
Ans. 46
Q.43 Mitochondria are present in which part of the sperm?
Ans. Tail#
Q.44 The surgical removal of tests is called----
Ans. castration
Q.45 Which of the following is commonly used male contraceptive ?
Ans. Condom 
Q.46 Question is not visible in the question paper 
Q.47 The battle of Plassey was fought between 
Ans. Nawab of Bengal and British East India Company 
Q.48 According to census 2011 the Child Sex ratio in India was ?
Ans. 919
Q.49 Ramcharitmanas was composed by 
Ans. Tulsidas 
Q.50 India's First National Park
Ans. Jim Corbett National Park 
Q.51 Question is not visible in the question paper 
Q.52 Complete the series 
Ans. 720
Q.53 Question is not visible in the question paper 
Q.54 Pen:Ink::Vehicle:?
Ans. petrol
Q.55 to 58 are not visible in the question paper
Q.59 If selling price is doubled the profit triples. Find the profit percent 
Ans. 100 
Q.60 IF a-b=3 and a2+b2=29, find the value of ab 
Ans. 10
Q.61 In a flight of 600 km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is:
Ans. 1 hour 

Q.62 A motorboat, whose speed in 15 km/hr in still water goes 30 km downstream and comes back in a total of 4 hours 30 minutes. The speed of the stream (in km/hr) is
Ans. 5
Q.63 The value of 
Ans. 0.86
Q.64 Radioactivity was discovered by
Ans. Becqueral 
Q.65 A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called?
Ans.  battery
Q.66 The Sun is a/an....
Ans. Star 
Q.67 The average adult has a blood volume of about .... liters 
Ans. 5
Q.68 The most abundant element in the earth's crust is 
Ans. Oxygen 
Q.69 Each day human body breaths in ......liters of air 
Ans. 15,000 to 20,000
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