30 Jan 2017

Answer Key/ Solved Paper Part-III MPHW (Male) Exam. 29.01.2017 A B C D

Q.21 Marsmus in children is caused by deficiency ?
Ans. Protein and carbohydrate both 
Q.22 Fat soluble vitamins are-
Ans. A D E K
Q.23 Movement of chemical substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration is called 
Q.24 The normal pH of blood of human is-
Ans. 7.35 to 7.45
Q.25 One of the function of spleen is- 
Ans. Phagocytosis 
Q.26 The normal pH of the rain water should be about-
Ans. 5.6
Q.27 Microsporum, tricrofitone and epidmorfitone are the types of-
Ans. Fungus 
Q.28 Which medicine is derived from opium?
Ans. Codeine
Q.29 Which of the following cells, decreases in patient with HIV infection?
Ans. T lymphocytes 
Q.30 In human blood which 2 cells produce the primary and secondary immunity?
Ans. B and T cells 
Q.31 The diagnostic test for AIDS is ?
Q.32 The physical method for drinking water purification includes use of-
Ans. Filtration 
Q.33 According to Bureau of Indian Standard the total dissolved solids in drinking water should not exceed -
Ans. 500 PPM
Q.34 The .... nerve fibers transmit impulses from tissues/organs to the central nervous system in humans.
Ans. Afferent
Q.35 What are the heart muscles in human known as?
Ans. Cardiac muscle
Q.36 Each human kidney has over a million tubular structures called ---
Ans. Nephrons 
Q.37 In human leucocytes are also known as---
Ans. WBCs
Q.38 What is the cartilaginous box, which helps in sound production, in human respiratory system known as-
Ans. Larynx 
Q.39 In which disorder of human digestive system, the liver is affected, skin and eyes turn yellow-
Ans. Jaundice 
Q.40 Humans are sexually reproducing and ....
Ans. Viviparous
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