11 Dec 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key-II HSSC Clerk Exam 11.12.16 Morning 10/2015, 01 A B C D

Q.24 Gandhi ji wanted that the students should spend their vacations in-
Ans. Social service.
Q.25 In collaboration with David Hare and justice Si Edward Hyde, who of the following established Hindu College at Calcutta?
Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Q.26 Gangtok is the Capital of-
Ans. Sikkim
Q.27 Which state has the highest percentage of below poverty line in urban sector?
Ans. Chhatisgarh 
Q.28 When the MGNREGA scheme to fight poverty was implemented by the Centre?
Ans. In the year 2006
Q.29 Short term finance is usually for the period ranging up to
Ans. 12 months
Q.30 When was the reserve Bank of India was established?
Ans. 1935
Q.31 When does the Rajya Sabha get dissolved? The correct answer is-
Ans. Rajya Sabha never dissolved fully.
Q.32 Which is the oldest High court of India?
Ans. Calcutta High Court
Q.33 Which of the following are the latest High Courts established in the year 2013?
Ans. Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya
Q.34 Lakshadweep comes under the jurisdiction of which high court ?
Ans. Kerala
Q.35 By whom the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India is appointed?
Ans. President of India
Q.36 In which state the Buddhist site Tabo Monastery is located ?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh
Q.37 Why the colour of red soil is red?
Ans. Presence of iron oxides
Q.46 Which of the following ornaments used in the state of Haryana is not won around neck?
Ans. Button 

Q.47 These states and/or union territory have a common high court?
Ans. Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh
Q.48 Pt. Neki Ram Sharma of Haryana has started the magazine Sandesh in which of the language?
Ans. Hindi 
Q.49 Which of the following is abolished by Government of Haryana on wheat?
Ans. VAT
Q.50 Where chief minister of Haryana Manohar Lal on 3 Jun, 2016 laid foundation stone of Jai Jawan Awas Yojna (JJAY)?
Ans. Bahadurgarh
Q.51 In the Haryana state, which month is the coldest month of the year ?
Ans. January
Q.52 Haryana Forest Development Corporation (HFDC) established in
Ans. December, 1989
Q.53 Lat of Feroz shah is situated in which district of Haryana?
Ans. Fatehabad
Q.54 Haryana Minister Karna Dev Kamboj belongs to which constituency ?
Ans. Indri 
Q.55 Who was the first Advocate General of Haryana?
Ans. Baldev Raj Mahajan 
Q.56 In which field is Jan Nayak Ch Devilal Award given ?
Ans. Maximum Agriculture Production 
Q.57 Honda motercycles are manufactured at?
Ans. Manesar
Q.58 First woman of India who became the head of Haryana forest department on 30 October, 2015
Ans. Amrender Kaur
Q.59 In which Division of Haryana have most districts 
Ans. Gurgaon
Q.60 Famous Play 'Court Marshall' was written by?
Ans. Swadesh Deepak
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