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4 Dec 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key-II HSSC Clerk Exam. 04.12.16 Morning 10/2015, 01 A B C D

Q.21 Which of the following metals was not known to the people of the Indus Valley Civilization ?
Ans. Iron 
Q.22 Where did Buddha deliver his first sermon?
Ans. Sarnath
Q.23 Which river flows between the Satpura and the Vindhya mountains?
Ans. Narmada
Q.24 Where will you find the Bandipur National Park?
Ans. Krnataka
Q.25 Who presides over a joint session of Parliament ?
Ans. The Speaker 
Q.26 Arvind Panagariya is vice-chairman of-
Ans. NITI Aayog
Q.27 When was the RBI established?
Q.28 During which period did India observe 'Pln Holiday'?
Ans. 1966-67 to 1968-69
Q.29 Till which year lion was the national animal of India?
Ans. 1972
Q.30 What is the normal planing time of the full version of the National Anthem?
Ans. 52 Seconds 

Q.31 Which was the first open University in India?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh Open University 
Q.32 Which city is the lake palace located ?
Ans. Udaipur
Q.33 From whos rule was Goa libreted in 1961?
Ans. Portuguese 
Q.34 Name the President who declared internal emergency following the Allahbad High Courts Judgement regarding Indir Gandhi's election?
Ans. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad
Q.35 What is the correct chronological ordeer in which the following rulers ruled in India?
Ans. Altutmish, Allauddin khilji, Shershah suri, Akbar
Q.36 Which one of the following pairs is correctely mathched ?
Ans. Kalpakkam- Tamilnadu
Q.37 What causes the earth quake ?
Q.38 If the difference in time between two places is one hour, what is the difference between their meridians?
Ans. 15 Degree 
Q.39 Where is the headquarters of the International Monitory Fund?
Ans. Washington 
Q.40 What is the tenure of a judge of the international court of justice?
Ans. 9 Years
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