27 Nov 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key HSSC Clerk Exam. 27.11.16 Evening-V 10/2015, 01, A B C D

Q.81 In haryana Government minister Krishnlal Panwar belongs to which constituency?
Ans. Israna 
Q.82 Kakroi micro Hydroelectric project is constructed on 
Ans. Western Yamuna Canal
Q.83 Which of the following Loksabha seat fall under General Category?
Ans. Gurgaon
Q.84 Satyarth Prakash is authored by?
Ans. Swami Dayanad 
Q.85 In which field Shri Dinanath Batra contribute the most?
ans. Education
Q.86 Rio Olympics bronze medalist Shakshi Malik belongs to which village of Rohtak?
Ans. Mokhra
Q.87 On advice of which guru, Banda Bahadur left Sanyasa and started fighting wars ?
Ans. Guru Gobind Singh 
Q.88 In Haryana, majority of people are following the religion?
Ans. Hindu 
Q.89 Brahma Sarovar pilgrimage is located at-
Ans. Kurukshetra
Q.90 Official language of Haryana is-
Ans. Hindi
Q.91 Which of the following river  is not originated from shivalik range?
Ans. Yamuna
Q.92 Rakhigarhi, which is associated with Harappan Civilization is located in the district ?
Ans. Hisar 
Q.93 Foundation of which University of Haryana was placed by Dr.Rajendr Prasad ?
Ans. Kurukshetra
Q.94 The headquaters of international Solar Alliance is established in which city of Haryana?
Ans. Gurgaon
Q.95 Who is well-known (Successful) Haryanvi film Actor?
Ans. Devishankar Prabhakar
Q.96 In Haryana Vulture conservation and breeding centre is located at
Ans. Pinjore
Q.97 Name the military general of Alaiddin Khilji who invaded the Tamil kingdom and returned with great riches?
Ans. Malik Kafur
Q.98 Name the muslim king who could barely read or write, but at his court lived great poet Amir Khusro?
Ans. Alauddin Khilji
Q.99 Which one on the Indian states is not bisected by Tropic of Cancer?
Ans. Odisha
Q.100 Name the river which rises in the Aravali ranges and enters the Arabian Sea through the Rann of kutch?
Ans. Luni 
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