21 Nov 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key HSSC Clerk exam. 20.11.16 Evening-I A B C D 10/2015, 01

Q.1 Badkhal Lake is situated in which district of Haryana ?
Ans. Faridabad
Q.2 State tree of Haryana is?
Ans. Peepal
Q.3 Pandit Jasraj is famous in the field of?
Ans. Classical Music
Q.4 Which of the following town does not have railway station ?
Ans. NUH
Q.5 Which one of the following schemes is based on the recommendation of the Swaminathan report ?
Ans. Pashudhan Beema yojna
Q.6 The Narkatari (Anarak) pilgrimage, mentionaed in the epic Mahabharat, is located at the bank of which river ?
Ans. Saraswati
Q.7 How much area will be covered under the New Industrial Township at Gurgoan ?
Q.8 The first novel in Haryanvi was ?
Ans. Jhadufiri
Q.9 In India Agroha pilgrime is well-known for ?
A. Maharaja Agrasen
Q.10 In Haryana Government minister Anil Vij belongs to which Constituency ?
Ans. Ambala Cantt
Q.11 The tomb of Chalis Hafiz is situated in which district of Haryana ?
Ans. Hisar
Q.12 Which canal of the Haryana is carved from the place Tajewala ?
Ans. Western Yamuna Canal
Q.13 Haryana Vikas Party was founded by ?
Ans. Bansi Lal
Q.14 The famous lake of Karnal, Haryana 
Ans. Karana
Q.15 The first work started by Swami Dayanand Saraswati when he reached Rewari of Haryana ?
Ans. Gaushala (Cattle Farm)
Q.16 Meham Fort is situated in which district of Haryana ?
Ans. Rohtak
Q.17 Haryana was known with which among the following names during the Mahabharat age ?
Ans. Bahudhanyak
Q.18 Akashwani Rohtak was started on?
Ans. 8 May, 1976
Q.19 Mainly which district of Haryana is irrigated by the Jui Canal ?
Ans. Bhiwani
Q.20 The Renuka, Kishau and Lakhwar Vyasi dams have been constructed on which among the following rivers of Haryana ?
Ans. Yamuna
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