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21 Nov 2016

Solved Paper/ Answer Key-1 HSSC Clerk Exam. 20.11.16 Morning A B C D Codes

Q.1 Recently the Pashudhan Bima Yojana was launched by which minister of Haryana Govt.  ?
Ans- O.P.Dhankar
Q.2 Who is the current Managing Director of HSIIDC
Ans- Sudhir Rajpal
Q.3 In Haryana King Janmejay is associated with the town?
Ans. Safidon.
Q.4  In Haryana Government who holds the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Information, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs ?
Ans- Kavita Jain
Q.5 How many administrative divisions are there in Haryana ?
Ans- Four.
Q.6 Who was the first State Poet of Haryana ?
Ans- Udaybhanu Hans
Q.7 Boundary of which district of Haryana do not touch any other state of India?
Ans- Rohtak
Q.8 Who is known as Iron man of Haryana ?
Ans- Bansi Lal
Q.9 Which district is formed at last?
Ans- Palwal
Q.10 Birla Temple of Kurukshetra located nearby which sarovar?
Ans- Brahma Sarovar

Q.11 Which of the following is not a division of Haryana ?
Ans- Karnal
Q.12 Who considered Guru Jambheshwar is incarnation of Lord Vishnu ?
Ans- Bishnois
Q.13 What is the full form of KMP-
Ans- Kundli Manesar Palwal
Q.14 Rio Olympic Bronze medalist Sakshi Malik Born on 
Ans- Sept 3, 1992
Q.15 Who guided Chandragupta Maurya to become the ruler of Magadh ?
Ans- Kautilya
Q.16 Which book did Greek ambassador Megasthenes wrote? 
Ans- Indica
Q.17 Which river originates in the Mansarovar region ?
Ans- The Brahmaputra
Q.18 For which mineral are Singhbhum and Hazaribagh of Bihar famous? 
Q.19 Which was the first Indian State formed on the linguistic basis? 
Ans- Andhra Pradesh
Q.20 What is the minimum age required for a person to become the Prime Minister of India?
Ans- 25 years
Q.21 Which five year plan has adopted Removal of poverty as its foremost objective?
Ans. Fifth (but option is not there)
Q.22 During whose rule was the rupee coin first minted in India ?
Ans- Sher Shah Suri
Q.23 Name the Indian state which has given most noble prize winners-
Ans. West Bengal
Q.24  Where is the seat of the Madhya Pradesh High Court located? 
Ans- Jabalpur
Q.25 Name the first Indian to win Oscar Award 
Ans- Bhanu Athaiya
Q.26 Who was the first Indian Managing Director of the World Bank?
Ans- Gautam Kaji
Q.27 In which year were the first General Election held in India?
Ans- 1951-52
Q.28 When was Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated ?
Ans- Jan 30, 1948
Q.29 In which year was the United Nations Formed ?
Ans- 1945
Q.30 In which year did the French Revolution Take place?
Ans- 1789
Q.31 What are the imaginary lines parallel to the equator called?
Ans- latitudes
Q.32 Kangaroo is the national emblem of which country ?
Ans- Australia
Q.33  In which year did India became a member of UN ?
Ans- 1945
Q.34 Who founded the Red Cross ?
Ans- Henry Dunant
Q.35 Through which organ does a fish respiration ?
Ans- Gills
Q.36 Which lenses used by people having short sightedness
Ans- Concave
Q.37 Who was the first Indian to score a century in test cricket?
Ans. Lala Amarnath 
Q.38 Who started the ancient Olympic games?
Ans. the Greeks 
Q.39 Of which country is Baku the capital?
Ans. Azerbaijan
Q.40 The Kargil Vijay Diwas is observed every year on-
Ans. 26 July 
Q.41 India's first underground museum will be opened in which of the city?
Ans.New Delhi 
Q.42 PM Narender Modi released a theme song for Tiranga Yatra to be organised fro 16th to 23rd August to mark 70 years of independence Day. The theme song "70 saal azadi yad karo kurbani" has been composed by-
Ans. Ghazal Sriniwas
Q.43 Pema Khandu sworn in as chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh on 
Ans. 17th July, 2016
Q.44 In which country Rio-Olympic Games 2016 were held ?
Ans. Brazil
Q.45 If the first and second digit in the ........
Ans. 4
Q.46 Sitting in a row in front of ........
Ans. Mr. Z
Q.47 Choose the correct alternative
Ans. Deer
Q.48 In the following four words three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different, choose out the odd one.
a. Albar b. Jahangir c. Shah Jahan d. Vikramaditya
Ans. Vikramaditya 
Q.49 Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives-
C4X, F9U, I16R, ?
Ans. L25O
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