26 Jul 2016

HSSC Solved Question Paper UDC 24.07.2016 Advt. 3/2016 Cat. 6

HSSC Solved Question Paper UDC held on 24.07.2016

Q.1 Brexit refers to 
Ans. Britain's vote to exit European Union.

Q.2 How was Khilafat movement opposed in Haryana?
Ans. Establishing Khilafat Committees.

Q.3 How has been assigned HRD Ministry in new cabinet  ?
Ans. Prakash Javadekar

Q.4 What was the reason for defeat of Haryana warriors during 1857 uprising?
Ans. All the above 

Q.5 Which dance is performed before fifteen days of Holi festival?
Ans. Phag Dance.

Q.6 Whom does Sultan movie feature as a Haryanvi wrestler?
Ans. Aamir khan 

Q.7 Which town is known as Power House of Boxing?
Ans. Bhiwani 

Q.8 To which team football player Cristiano Ronaldo belongs?
Ans. Portugal 

Q.9 Where was classical music maestro Pt.Jasraj born?
Ans. Hisar

Q.10 The chipkoo Movement is related to ?
Ans. Forest conservation.

Q.11 Which of the following plants is established at Baholi in Panipat?
Ans. Oil Refinery.

Q.12 Sarvodaya stands for
Ans. Upliftment of all 

Q.13 Inspite of not getting formal education on which of the folk singer research work have been conducted?
Ans. Pt. Lakhmichand 

Q.14 Which part of the Indian constitution deals with the directive Principles of State Policy?
Ans.Part IV

Q.15 When was Akashwani Rohtak started ?
Ans. 8 May 1976

Q.16 Who was the first woman President of Indian National Congress ?
Ans. Annie Besant 

Q.17 What is the full form of KMP ?
Ans. Kundli Manesar Pawal 

Q.18 Which district is primarily irrigated Juyee canal ?
Ans. Bhiwani

Q.19 If - means +, + means X, X means +, + means - then 
Ans. 19

Q.20 In Imlauta, Bhiwani district, during the month of Phalgun huge fair is held devotion of which of the Gods?

Q.21 Choose the one that does not belong to the group to which the other three belongs?
Ans. Inch 

Q.22 Social reformer Pt. Bastiram was born in which of the following places?

Q.23 In a certain code MONKEY is written as LPMLD, how is LARGE written in that code?

Q.24 Under khel Neeti 2015 which facility is extended to players ?
Ans. All the above 

Q.25 Devotee and music maestro Surdas was contemporary to which of the following ?
Ans. Akbar

Q.26 How many 8's are there in the following sequence which are followed by 6 and preceded by 1 ?
Ans. 1

Q.27 The first railway line in Haryana was between ?
Ans. Delhi- Rewari 

Q.28 Which of the following will come nest in the series, given below-
Ans. RQI

Q.29 Where was Rawlatt act opposed first in 1919?

Q.30 Golf field of Aravali is located in which of the following districts?
Ans. Faridabad 

Q.31 'd' is in bridge, in the same way as 'b' is in ?
Ans. Doubt 

Q.32 Which of the following destinations does not have metro facility?
Ans. Delhi- Jhajjar 

Q.33 Find the simple interest of 6500 for 6 months at the rate 8% per annum?
Ans. 3120

Q.34 If x:y=5:3 and y:z=2:5, x:z=?
Ans. 2:3

Q.35 The circumference of circle is 88 cm than its diameter is?
Ans. 14 cm

Q.36 If 22x=64, x=?
Ans. 3

Q.37 Using the digits 5, 8, 3, 2, 1 without repetition how many three digit even numbers can be formed ?
Ans. 24

Q.38 Excess of water that the plants absorb is lost to the air mostly through the ?
Ans. Upper surface of the leaf

Q.39 Electric lamp was invented in 1879 by ?
Ans. Thomas Alva Edison 

Q.40 An ancient banyan tree which is said to be associate with Geeta Gyan is located in which place?
Ans. Jyotisar 

Q.41 The marked price of a book is Rs.150, if 10% discount is allowed how many books can be purchased for Rs.3510?
Ans. 26

Q.42 The condition called simple goitre is caused due to the deficiency of?
Ans. Thyroxine secretion.

Q.43 Average age of 35 students of a class is 15 years. If 5 more students whose average age is 16 years are newly admitted what is the new average age?
Ans. 15.125

Q.44 In northern hemisphere, June 21 marks the day of the?
Ans. Winter solstice.

Q.45 If 10 workers each working 8 hours a day can finish a work in 6 days ,how many workers are necessary to finish the same work in 8 days by working 6 hours a day each?
Ans. 10

Q.46 Which fair of Haryana is called as "craftman's kumbha"?
Ans. Surajkund craft mela.

Q.47 Which of the following qualities of diamond is expressed in terms of carat?
Ans. Weight.

Q.48 Which one of the following is used as an explosive?
Ans. Nitroglycerine.

Q.49 Correctly spelt word is?
Ans. Accommodate.

Q.50 Noun form of insist is?
Ans Insistence.

Q.51 Choose the word that is most nearly the same in meaning s the word "respect" ?
Ans Reputation

Q.52 Choose the word most opposite in meaning to the word "show"
Ans Hide

Q.53 Fill in the blank with most appropriate alternative
Thieves broke.......the house last night and stole all the money.
Ans In

Q.54 Choose the part of the sentence which contains an error.
Gandhiji was a(A)/man who(B)/become a legend(C)/in his own time(D).
Ans Became  a legend.

प्रश्न-55 'दया' का विशेषण बनाइये 
उत्तर- दयालु 
प्रश्न-56 'नमक' का का विशेषण बनाइये 
उत्तर- नमकीन
प्रश्न-57 शुद्ध वाक्य क्या है ?
उत्तर- सीट खाना खाती है 
प्रश्न-58  शुद्ध वाक्य क्या है ?
उत्तर- हम मैदान में खेलते हैं 
प्रश्न-59 21/2 को हिंदी में क्या कहते हैं ?
उत्तर- ढाई 
प्रश्न-60 निम्न पदबंध के लिए एक शब्द लिखिए 
जो आभूषण(आभरण) बनाता है  
उत्तर- सुनार 

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