25 Jul 2016

HSSC Answer Key/ Solved Question Paper TGT Punjabi 24.07.2016


Q.1 After arranging the letters of the word DIAL in alphabetical order, each letter is substituted by the next letter in the English alphabet. What will be the resultant form of the word?
Ans. A. BEJM

Q.2 Babul desh jayeeyo pardesh jayeeo jori ka bar tu dhundhiyo.....? This folk song is sung by ladies on which of the function?
Ans. D. Wedding 

Q.3 If + means - and -means X, X means - and - means + then
Ans. C. 192

Q.4 Historical town of Raniya is in which of the following district?
Ans. A. Sirsa

Q.5 log(aXb) =
Ans. C. log a - log b 

Q.6 Where was the famous folk singer and sangi Mangeram born?
Ans. C. Sisana.

Q.7 if 56a+56b = 1008 what is the average of a and b ?
Ans. B. 9

56(a+b) = 1008
Then, a + b = 1008/56 = 18
So. The required average = 18 /2 = 9 

Q.8 Haryanvi spoken in Mewat does not have influence of which one of the following dialects?
Ans. B. Punjabi

Q.9 Ecology means-
Ans. D. The study of the relationship of organisms with their environment.

Q.10 Which of the following scholar gave highest contribution in establishing manuscript museum in Kurukshetra Univesity?
Ans. D Pandit Sthanudatt Sharma 

Q.11 Edison invented ?
Ans. B. Gramophone 

Q.12 Birla Mandir Kurukshetra is situated near ?
Ans. C. Brahm Sarowar 

Q.13 Serena Williams beat Angelique Kerber of Germanyin July 2016 to win  ......Wimbledon and 22nd Grand slam title.
Ans. B. Seventh 

Q.14 The architect of Chandigard Le Carbuzier was citizen of ?
Ans. C. France 

Q.15 Who plays role of Bahubali in Tamil and Telugu film Bahubali ?
Ans. C. Prabhas

Q.16 During Assembly election in 1937 which of the party got highest number of seats?
Ans. C. Unionist 

Q.17 Who wrote the famous song "Sare jahan se achchha Hindustan Hamara?
Ans. B. Mohammad Iqbal

Q.18 Who founded Bharat Dharma Mahamandal in 1887 ?
Ans. A. Pt. Deendayal Sharma 

Q.19 Which of the following alternative comes next in the below given series?
Ans. D. 546

Q.20 Saina Nehwal is associated with which sports?
Ans. A. Badminton 

Q.21 If X+Y= 15 and X-Y= 1, X2-y2=?
Ans. A. 15 

Q.22 Who built Chandrakoop temple?
Ans. C. Yudhishthar 

Q.23 1 Megabyte stands for ?
Ans. A. 220 bytes 

Q. 24 In which place of Haryana Swami Shraddhanand established Gurukul in 1911?
Ans. D. Kurukshetra 

Q.25 What is the chemical name of common salt?
Ans. A. Sodium Chloride 

Q.26 Which of the following poet of Meham wrote the poetry Rammala?
Ans. Sayad Gulam Husain 

Q.27 Who is associated with the theory of relativity?
Ans. C. Einstein

Q.28 In which year Palwal was given the status of a District ?
Ans. A. 2008

Q.29 Name of the present British Prime Minister is ?
Ans. C. Teresa May

Q.30 Which of the following language was axed by lord McCulay initially ?
Ans. C. Sanskrit 

Q.31 First Indian men to swim across English channel ?
Ans. A. Mihir sen 

Q.32 What is the name of famous lake in Karnal?
Ans. A. Karn lake 

Q.33 In a certain code FROM is written as #$52 and BASE is written as %7?@
how is SOME written in that code?
Ans. C. ?52@

Q. 34 Who wrote Haryanvi drama Saza Seer ?
Ans. Ramphal Chahal 

Q.35 Which of the following that does not belong to the group of which the other three belong ?
Ans. B. 17

Q.36 Manjiyana Project of Sirsa comes under which of the following mission ?
Ans. D. Horticulture 

Q.37 15% of 25% of 5/6 of a number is 330, what is the number?
Ans. C. 10560

Q.38 Which one of the following is not a division?
Ans. B. Karnal

Q.39 A, B, C, D and E are five consecutive number, the average of these five number is 25, what is the product of C & E ?
Ans. B. 725 
Note- As per HSSC key Answer is 675

Q.40 What did Swami Dayanand Sarswati start as soon as he reached Rewari?
Ans. B. Gaushala

Q.41 The gender of hen is?
Ans. C. Feminine 

Q.42 I was praying in the prayer hall. The tense of the verb in above sentence is?
Ans. D. Past Continuous 

Q.43 Fill in the blank
Fate smiles ..... him in all its ventures ?
Ans. B. upon

Q.44 The boy(a)/ together with his(b)/ sister and mother(c)/ were drowned(d). Part which contains error ?
Ans. D. were drowned

Q.45 Sleep is the elixir of life. In the above sentence elixir is a?
Ans. B. Noun

Q.46 श्यामू घर आया| यह वाक्य .... काल में है?
उत्तर- ब. भूतकाल 

प्रश्न.47 जिसने सर्व ज्ञान प्राप्त किया है?
उत्तर- ख. सर्वज्ञ 

प्रश्न-48 जो अनुकरण करने योग्य हो?
उत्तर- क. अनुकरणीय 

प्रश्न-49. शुद्ध वाक्य है-
उत्तर- ग, रमेश अच्छा लड़का है 

प्रश्न-50 शुद्ध वाक्य है-
उत्तर- मेज पर किताब है| 

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