25 Jun 2016

HSSC - Solved Question Paper LDC Morning 24.06.2016 Cat.7 Code A B C D

Solved Question Paper/ Unofficial Answer Key  LDC (Morning) Exam 24.06.2016 Cat.7 Advt. 3/2016 Code A B C D Conducted by HSSC

Q.61 Long Term finance is required for 
Ans. Fixed assets 

Q.62 Fixed capital requirement is more in ....... business?
Ans. Manufacturing 

Q.63 Grading means ........ products into different classes. 
Ans. Separating

Q.64 Personnel policy deals with.
Ans. Employment of new employees 

Q.65 The main advantage of functional organisation is.
Ans. Specialisation 

Q.66 Risk management is an important function of ?
Ans. Planning

Q.67 For industrial goods.......gets maximum weightage.
Ans. Sales promotion #

Q.68 Which of the following is the source of short term finance ?
Ans. All of these 

Q.69 The ICICI was formed in .
Ans. 1955.

Q.70 According to Foyal the terms 'Management" and "administration" are -
Ans. Same 

Q.71 Heckscher-Ohlin theory explains international trade in terms of-
Ans. Differences in factor endowment 

Q.72 Imposition of tariff will lead to-
Ans. Improvement in terms of trade

Q.73 Cash book contains 
Ans. All receipts and payments of cash

Q.74 Cross Elasticity of Demand between tea and sugar is-
Ans. Negative 

Q.75 Indifference curves are parallel 
Ans. Sometimes#

Q.76 Which of the following functions is known as the essence of management?
Ans. Co-ordination 

Q.77 What is the first factor of Industrial Development?
Ans. Planning  

Q.78 The most promising source of saving to finance development is 
Ans.The profit of organised sector 

Q.79 The book which all accounts of the firm are maintained is known as
Ans. Journal 

Q.80 Any donation received for a specific purpose is a -
Ans. Liability 

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